Armed Forces Finds

NZ Returned Soldiers lapel pin - WW1.

This Returned Soldiers silver lapel pin was received by a gentleman who was a mechanic before enlistment for WW1. He embarked on the 25th of September 1916 on the vessel Devon bound for England as one of the NZ Expeditionary Force Infantry Battalion. 
Born 1896 - Died 1958 aged 62.

NZ Army Regiment Hat badge.

This type of badge was gilt and silver wash with enamel inlay - this design was superseded in 1964 when the battalion was re-designated 1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment  (1RNZIR) - the new badge was a very similar design.The Queens crown at the top helps determine a rough date for the badge (The Queens crown is only used if a Queen is on the throne) - so we can assume the badge was manufactured between 1953-1964

Royal Army Services Corps cap badge WW1    1914 - 1918 

58th Rutlandshire Regiment of Foot pewter uniform button - 1855 

The button is from the uniform of the 58th Rutlandshire Foot Regiment soldiers who came from England and probably saw action here during 1845 in some of our land wars particularly in the North. The regiment left NZ during 1858 while over 300 soldiers elected to stay here and settle.

.577 Enfield Musket rifle bullets

The Enfield Pattern 1853 Rifle-Musket  was a .577 calibre muzzle-loading rifle-musket, used by the  British Empire from 1853 to 1867. The same muskets were used in New Zealand during the Land Wars between the Maori's and the English between 1843 and the early 1900's.

I found these apparently unfired bullets in two separate parks in Auckland city.

New Zealand Forces 4 star tunic button  - these 2 are likely to be pre WW1  NZEF?

The NZ forces button (With the Southern Cross) was instituted in 1911 and used up until 1947.
These 2 were found in the same park as the EGA badge listed below.

NZ Air Force button

Royal Engineers button

The words Royal Engineers are in the scroll at the bottom of the button. Most images on the web seem to have those words in the outside border of the button so I have not been able to date this one yet although by the Queens Crown I think it is WW2. This button is also a cast metal button not pressed metal.
If you have info I would appreciate an email.  

US Marines EGA and US Merchant Marines cap badges. WW2.
These two badges were found in Auckland parks 55km apart.