Adie & Lovekin Ltd 

Adie & Lovekin Ltd made unique silver items during the late Victorian 
and Edwardian Art Nouveau era. The firm began its business as Adie & Lovekin 
and was active in Snape Street, Hockley, Birmingham (before 1872).
The firm became Adie & Lovekin Ltd in 1889.
The company manufactured a wide range 
of silver fancy goods at the end of the 19th century 
(with thanks to several sites with the same info)


These buckles have just accumulated over time. Some are from horse tack, others probably clothing and luggage strap buckles. 


These bullets have been found on beaches around Auckland city. For a country that generally does not tote guns we have still done a lot of shooting over the years. The lead bullets go back to the 1800's. 

Brass finds:

The majority of these brass items were found on our local beaches and mudflats. Most are easy to ID except I am still not sure what the small crown like ring near the top right is. Comments welcome.

From the top: Toilet chain pull handle, cold chisel, 3 padlocks, candle holder from a larger item, small candle holder??, rigging swivel and clip, drawer pull ring, key hole plate, 2 wicket tops and one tip, lipstick inner case, ships timber spike and a safety pin.

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