Monday, June 20, 2016

Beach junk with a small surprise

Last Sundays beach hunt was enjoyable but not spectacular as you can see from the pic below. I went back to the same beach I found the Gold 15ct recently as you do. I hit the same area really hard and the only joy was a 1934 NZ silver sixpence. A while later a 1933 NZ silver threepence popped up too. Spendables $ 5.00 and a small brass ring rounded out the day.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Three Beach Gold

My detecting for the Queens Birthday holiday was at three beaches. The 0.2m low tide was ideal of course and so I spent about an hour and a half at each beach. The first only gave up the large junk hair clip and the fishing lure and I moved on to the second beach. There I found a few sinkers and nothing else. So with mild desperation lurking I moved on to the third beach. After abut 3 minutes searching there a $1.00 coin popped up which must have been the game changer I needed because a short while later I was holding 8.1grams of 15ct. Happiness prevailed. Onlookers cheered.

The brass eyelet was a first for me. Not sure of it's age. 

Always pleased to be able to remove fish hooks from the sand.

I turned out to be a very enjoyable outing with my E Trac for a change from the CTX 3030.


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lead no surprise

My two most recent hunts have been to a beach on both the East and West coasts looking for new ground. They were both going to be long shots so my expectations were not high. Just as well because in both spots as you can see in the pics the targets dug were mainly fishing sinkers.

The best of the bunch were the stainless ring, US 1965 Quarter with hole, the Antarctic Society badge and the Brass knob thingee. The lead seal has 90 imprinted.