Saturday, May 14, 2016

Friday the 13th - not so lucky

As there was a South-westerly howling in at my local beach on Friday the 13th I thought it could be my lucky day as there might have been some new sand movement. I got there about an hour after high tide to follow it down.

Well I was right. Sand had moved quite a lot in patches exposing old beach but alas yielding only one reasonable find of a silver ear ring. It has cleaned up quite well and could make a nice wee pendant perhaps. Needs buffing to restore the shine.

These are the finds for the 4 hours spent. Not a lot you might say and I would agree. All good fun.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Low Tide walkabout

Hit this well hunted beach recently for the pm low tide. The mudflats gave up $10 and a couple of lead sinkers but virtually nothing on the slope. As you can see conditions were great and I nearly had the beach to myself.


Monday, May 2, 2016

Tough going on the beaches

Well April 2016 has now been and gone. Not a memorable month for detecting as I found zero Gold and only 2 Silver rings and one silver NZ coin. Still 3 pieces of silver is better than no pieces of silver and one of the rings is really quite attractive.  All my hunts were on city beaches and I surely got some exercise  digging the bottle tops and coins.  The grand total of cash was about $64.00 once again bolstered by the number of steel 50c and 20c coins that other detectors seem to be missing. Thanks CTX 3030.

Foreign coins.
Top row. 50c Fiji, 10c Euro,US Dime, Australia $1.00
Middle row. English 1 Pound and 50c
Bottom row. 10 Bani Moldova Republic 

Plus the Ray Bans shown on my last post.