Saturday, October 31, 2015

Recent Silver from the beaches

I have had about 7 hours of beach hunting over 2 hunts in the last week. Even though the weather is quite calm the sand is moving around a lot and some promising spots have been uncovered and recovered. Of course sand moving always brings out the hunters and on one of the hunts there were at least 7 of us having a go. Some had success with at least two gold rings being found. Myself  I only managed about 2kg of lead sinkers and 2 silver rings and pendant with about $10 spendable's. I was happy with that though as it was great fun in the sun.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Just Silver today.

Returned to a regularly visited beach today and spent 4 hours following the tide down the sand. Nearly gave it away due to the very strong, bitterly cold  south westerly wind racing along the beach but decided to persevere and pleased I did as I found 3 rings in the latter part of the hunt.. One silver band, one toe ring and one stainless steel wonder. Otherwise just the usual junk and lead sinkers with a few coins totaling $2.70.


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gold early

My hunt at today's beach produced a 9ct signet ring in the first 2 minutes. This revved me up for the next 240 minutes looking for more but alas only $3.40 and brick a brac followed. Still any gold is good gold and is gratefully received. Here is a pic of everything.

Till next time.


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Gold and Lizards

Early this morning I hunted a beach closer to home that I had not been to for some time. The recent king tides had moved good amounts of sand and there were plenty of targets to have a go at. The end result was $5.20 and 4 rings and a brass plated charm. One ring is stainless steel with a lizard cut out on two sides. Another ring I have been told by  a jeweler is white gold although there are no marks. I will count as gold until proven otherwise. The other two were junk.

All good fun in the morning sun.