Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gold Padlock 1905

Last Friday I took the afternoon off and visited three city beaches in the Winter sun. As is often the case on these beaches you do a lot of miles for very little and it was the same that day except for near the end of my hunt on the third beach this little charm size 9ct gold padlock popped up. It is hallmarked Birmingham with the date letter for 1905  so is 110 years old. Unfortunately the makers mark is illegible.

All Gold is accepted. :-)


Sunday, August 9, 2015

3 Beach Gold

Today I hunted three beaches about an hour each for the 8.22 am low tide. Results were as expected quite meagre until the last beach when up popped this 9ct Gold ring on the second swing and then the brass candle holder some while after that. Spendable's totalled $8.40 and the only piece of Silver was the keeper on the junk earing. Also dug an AU$2.00 , 1936 English halfpenny and a 2003 Canadian 1 cent coin.

All good fun in the early morning sun.


Sunday, August 2, 2015

18kt gold butchered

Today I returned to the same beach that gave me the silver ring last week hoping for more and sure enough the first  find of the day was this 2.2 gram 18ct gold ring.

All the stones are missing and on closer inspection it would seem that they have been dug out quite roughly with a sharp instrument. Makes me wonder what is the relationship history of the ring but of course we will never know.

Here is the rest of the days finds.$2.10 and some lead and that's about it. Thanks for looking.