Sunday, July 26, 2015

Beach silver

Yesterday three well hunted parks gave up $4.00 and trash. So back to the beach today and thankfully there were lots of targets to dig, The best of it was a sterling silver ring and $4.10. Also a girl guide badge, 1942 silver Australian 3p, 885g of lead sinkers and other coins. Even managed to pull out a ring in front of inquisitive on lookers. :-)

Sterling silver
Unidentified chart
All finds for the day.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tudor surprise

One thing I have noticed with my new CTX 3030 is that it is very good at finding tiny metal items on the beach. This can be very frustrating when it turns out to be a jeans rivet head or similar but some odd shape items do go in to the pouch for further investigation.

My beach hunt on Friday afternoon produced 650g of fishing sinkers and $2.20 which was not really anything to write home about.

So you can imagine my surprise when I emptied the sinkers out of the wash jug and this wee badge fell out too. It is a Kings Crown orTudor Crown.

The sixpence is just for size comparison. Google tells me it was probably a military lapel badge. This one is brass but some were silver or gilded to identify  rank. Could be WW1. Not sure but probably early 1900's anyway. Made the day  a whole lot better. ;-)

A better example can be seen here:


Sunday, July 5, 2015

16th Olympics Melbourne

Did a lot of walking on a city beach yesterday with little to show for it except the enjoyment of being there doing it.   $6.70, a piece of brass scrap, AU$2.00 coin, a junk religious pendant with chain and a whatzit. I thought the whatzit was a penny at first but one whack with the hammer showed differently. Turned out to be a souvenir badge from the 16th Olympics held in Melbourne in 1956. Looks like silver but EPNS made in Western Germany.

I have just found a circular one by the same manufacturer on Euro Ebay asking NZ$104.00 so maybe the hunt was more worthwhile than first thought. :-)