Monday, April 27, 2015

First CTX Gold

This afternoon I went back to the same beach as this morning. Glad I did as although I had to hunt in the surf wash running up the beach, which was a bit tricky, at least it produced another $2.50 and my first gold with the CTX. Well I am claiming it as gold as even though it is only 3/4 of a broken 10k wedding band it is still gold. Yep the whole 1 gram. Whoop de doo!

A good way to finish the Anzac holiday weekend.


How to have fun in the wet. Go detecting.

The weather for Anzac Monday in Auckland was not good at all but this did not quell the urge to hunt. By 7,30 am I was on the beach with raincoat and detector determined to find something. Nearly got knocked off my feet in a couple of wind gusts and each time I turned round to work back up the beach of course the hood on my raincoat kept getting blown off. Probably this idiot staggering around the sand provided early morning entertainment for the homes along the beach front. Decided to give up after about two hours for health reasons. My finds were a bit scarce although I did get a 13 star button ex WWII USA pacific area uniform and $7.00 so it was not a total waste of time in the rain.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

From the beach today

Spent some time on a couple of beaches today. At the first I met a couple from the extinct Te Tahi detecting club whose names escape me just now, but they are both in their 80"s and still swinging the coil and digging the finds.
Hope I can be doing the same in about 13 years.

On the second beach I came across a small slip at the base of a cliff and in a patch about 1m x 0.5m I dug nine 3p and two 6p that had come down the cliff. Unfortunately they were not all silver but it sure focussed my attention after about the third coin. The only jewellery found today was all junk and is now residing in the trash bin.

Total for today's detecting was $12.70 and 6 silver coins. 
The bottom row in the image are all silver.

All good fun.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lead n silver

For my second CTX 3030 outing I went to another well plundered beach yesterday afternoon. The result was not spectacular being mainly 520 grams of lead and just 2.2 grams of Silver but rewarding in that it all came from a high trash mudflat area that I think is worth another visit on the right tide. Who know's, there could be some Gold lurking just waiting for me to improve my skills with this new toy.

Thanks for looking.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

CTX 3030 Now Showing

I have been swinging my trusty E Trac for nearly 5 years now and so decided today it was time to upgrade to a CTX 3030. I took it out to play this evening at a beach that is thrashed by many to see if it could anything that had been missed and here is the result.

$6.40, a junk ring and earring and a silver earring ahead of the incoming tide. Quite happy with that for a first go.