Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Golden Weather

This morning I parked the car and hit the beach full of anticipation for the last hunt of 2014. A cool Nor Easter was howling in causing plenty of broken waves to churn the sand a up bit. Determined to make a good find I set out and covered all the likely looking spots I could see. Thankfully the effort paid off and I uncovered a  nice 5.5g , 18kt Rose Gold wedder. The other ring is stainless and probably a $20 Wharehouse special.

Here are all the finds from the day except for a fishing hook and sinker set I gave to the Council worker servicing the bins. 

Happy New Year to all.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

X in a circle

Today from the beach.
$6.50, this silver ring and some lead sinkers.

I dug the ring at about 18" on the sand flats at low tide. It is marked Silver 925 and has cleaned up quite well. It also has a date stamp of an X in a circle which I believe is for 1849 - 1874 so has probably been buried for 100 years or so.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Two trinkets today.

I visited two large beaches today for a couple of hours on each.  I found the locket with chain on the first and everything else on the second.

When the bracelet popped up I thought I had hit the 18k big time but sadly things aren't always as they seem as although the clasp is proudly stamped 4k the bracelet itself is plated at best. The chain on the locket is marked 925 and is silver for sure. The hanger on the locket is marked 375 but no mark's on the locket itself which although it came out of the sand gold clean it is quite light so I think it is also plated. 

The tarnished 1922 English 3p is silver and the pocket knife has cleaned up and is working again. I also dug 15 old type five cent coins in about 20 metres of beach. Total spendable's $1.90. Several chunks of lead are already in the scrap recycle bin,

No particular value of finds but today's hunt was real detecting  fun.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gold n Gnome

I had a sales call near a good detecting beach on Friday afternoon. Afterwards the Nissan just knew the way somehow and the next thing I knew I was on the sand. Glad I went as although the finds were not too plentiful at least one of them was Gold. Only 1.8g of 10ct but gold nevertheless. Hopefully this has broken the gold drought that has plagued me during the winter and better finds are ahead. :-)