Sunday, November 30, 2014

58th Regiment of Foot

Today I hit the beach at 8am for the low tide and immediately noticed lots of small rocks and clay areas had been exposed. Quite normal for this coast but it has been a while since I had hunted there. I spent about 3 hours on two area's that looked promising. You will see from the pic below that I managed $1, two very tarnished silver rings, a brass lipstick holder and a military button. Not a lot but better than expected on this thrashed beach.

The button turns out to be from the uniform the 58th Rutlandshire Foot Regiment soldiers who came from England and probably saw action here during 1845 in some of our land wars particularly in the North. The regiment left NZ during 1858 while over 300 soldiers elected to stay here and settle.

Gold remains elusive but I still had a great time.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Silver repeat.

Enjoyed a good hunt after work last night that revealed $23, a 1934 Silver shilling and this Silver ring along with heaps of 1c and 2c coins and the usual junk.

The last time I hunted on November the 19th was in 2011 and that also produced a silver ring so I guess I am on a roll now. 

Finds lately have been quite slack so I was very pleased to get a silver with stone ring again.