Monday, September 22, 2014

Three pieces of Silver

Got two hunts in during the wet weekend just past. Two park hunts produced a silver ring in each and a short beach hunt gave up the 1916 English Silver Florin from a storm water washout in the sand. The small ring is quite tiny and has illegible hallmarks which does mean I suppose that it is reasonably old.

Thanks for looking.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

New Zealand R S badge n other stuff

I am sure the park was calling me at work on Friday afternoon. "Come and hunt, come and hunt" it  seemed to say. An idea much too hard to resist, so I closed the shop a bit early and off to the same park as where I found the purse last weekend.

Although it was raining I was determined to find stuff and enjoy the empty park. The final tally was the NZ Returned Soldiers silver lapel badge from WWI ,  a 1920 silver US Mercury Dime and an English shilling too corroded to see much except a young Queen Victoria's head outline, plus eight bucks.

All good fun.
Thanks for looking.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

First Purse

Today I hunted at two parks for about 6 hours. Finds were the usual mix until after about 5.75 hours when this popped up. YEHAA! My first purse. Trekked straight back to the car to get this fresh dug pic.

Here are the contents after washing.

The contents are:
One 1914 English silver shilling, one 1910 Australian silver 3 pence,
3 English penny's 1908, 1912,1915.
3 English half penny's  1914 and 2 x 1912
The best item is the 1897 English Farthing (bottom row right) as it is also a first for me.

Here is the rest of the hunt.

The Gold ring also caused some excitement when it popped up. Thought it was going to be a $2 coin as it rang up 12-39 on my E Trac. When I got home and put the glass on it to my surprise although clearly stamped 22ct it is actually gold plated. Bugger! 
Spendable's total $10.90.

Best hunt for some time. Happy as.