Monday, June 30, 2014

Brassed off

My last couple of weekend hunts have been a disaster as far as good finds go and so I have not posted for a while. Yesterday a new park yielded only $3 and a NZ silver shilling. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

Meanwhile I do seem to have found a bit of Brass over the last few months. Right colour, wrong metal but I guess you could say I am getting a small involuntary collection going.

Top row: Vintage flush toilet pull chain weight / handle, 2 curtain rod ends? , marine swivel carabina.
Middle: Engineers cold chisel and still not sure what the small brass ring with crosses is.
Bottom row: Buckle, ring, VB brand padlock and Hand Made brand padlock case.

The cold chisel was retrieved from the mudflats of a beach near to a disused ammunition store. No doubt the non sparking qualities of  a brass chisel were appreciated. 

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Just Silver n cash

Went back to last weekends park yesterday and scored another 5 silvers and $8.00. That makes 12 silvers from the same place over 2 hunts. Not all bad. Today a shorter hunt on a small city beach in the sunshine brought $9.50 and a large ball bearing sinker.weighing 142 grams.

The little 3 pence is dated 1872 a new date for me and a young Victoria can still just be seen on the very worn 6 pence. The shillings are 1912 and 1918.

No gold, no rings but still good fun.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Luck of the Clover

After a very mediocre month of finds in May I was quite undecided as to where to try my luck for my third June hunt this morning. After pontificating for a while I eventually decided on this park.

Glad I did as although I had been there many times before the W.O.T. coil seemed to be in it's element and I found this.

Yes that's right 7 silvers. I could hardly believe it after all the trash I have been digging lately. 3 Thruppences and 4 Sixpences. The sixpence top right is 1816 George III and equals my oldest coin to date. Maybe the little 4 leaf Clover badge had something to do with it. All the silver was quite deep, at least the length of my pin pointer so I guess the W.O.T coil is earning it's keep. I am told that the top left thingee is a picture hanger from times when a lounge room would have a ledge (daydo) around the walls at about 6 ft high.
All good fun again.