Sunday, May 25, 2014

Good times at the beach

I took my new 15" W.O.T. coil to another beach today. This is a huge beach when the tide is out and hunted by many so another good test for this new coil. Targets were few and far between although with virtually no trash I didn't have to dig so much which was nice. The small Sterling silver ring was dug from quite deep on a good signal. 

The lead sinkers always sound terrific of course but the Citizen ladies watch was such a clipped signal I nearly missed it. As it is in great condition I am hoping a new battery will fire it up.

Cash today was the huge amount of $1.50.
Good times. 
(deliberate pun) 

HH and good luck.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

New 15" Toy

Strapped a Coiltek 15" WOT coil on to my E Trac this weekend.

Just for fun I decided to visit spots that I knew had been well hunted to see what I could find.
I visited ripple cuts on two beaches and recent hot spots in two parks. At one of the parks I knew that   three CTX 3030's had hit it pretty hard so you can imagine I was not confident of finding much and therefore a good test for the coil.  Here is what popped up.

The best of it was the Australian 1916 silver thruppence and the NZ 1936 silver sixpence. The rest just regular stuff. Surprisingly this large coil was quite easy to pinpoint with after a bit of practice. 
I was quite pleased with the result and look forward to hitting more of my previously hunted sites.