Sunday, March 30, 2014

Silver Rewards

Another daybreak hunt for me today. Hit the park just before 7 am when the sun was nearly up and well before the Sunday sports teams start arriving. Although the first couple of hours were a bit slow, digging mainly spendable's and trash, my first decent find was an 1867 English Shilling with a 1900 English Sixpence in the same hole.

More dollars popped up and then the large .925 Silver ring which weighs 11.3 grams was closely followed by the 1861 Napoleon III DIX Centimes (10 cents) with the Paris mint mark.

By now I had been hunting for about 4 hours and was getting a bit stuffed from walking up and down the slope and digging most signals. Anyway cruising along I got a mediocre signal that sounded too good not to dig and I am soooo glad I did, because  in the same hole were 3  English Half Crowns with an English half penny. Woopdedoo!! Two 1915 and one 1912. I will be posting again re this find as there is more to tell.

Here are some pics from my most enjoyable and rewarding hunt for a while.

This is all the finds. The torch still works. I think the brass cap at the top right may be a curtain rod end.

Below is the 1861 Napoleon III DIX Centimes coin. Only half a mm smaller than an English penny they apparently did circulate for a brief time in England due to coin shortages which may explain how this one has ended up in an Auckland park 153 years later.

 A fun morning.
Thanks for looking.


Silver n cash again.

A quick 2 our hunt after work on Friday produced $9.00 and a squished silver ring with stone. Had not hunted that park before so expectations were not high but quite pleased with the result.

It was a good start to the weekend.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

New sand

Today I hit a new to me beach at daybreak. The low tide did not quite align with the sunrise so the water was further in than I had hoped but there was a very small patch of mudflat still available which yielded this silver ring in the first few minutes.

With the last of the mudflat gone in a very short time I then started on the slope of the beach and pulled a couple of brass padlocks and then another and another and ..... well  actually a total  of 15 brass padlocks during the morning. I kept 10 of them to recycle but left the rest as my pouch was at bursting point with all that weight. Here are all the finds. Nothing too remarkable just scrap brass and lead mostly. 

But I will go back another day when the tide is more favourable if only to see if there are more of these.

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Anticipating Luci

This weekend we have had the remnants of a Tropical Cyclone called Luci go through. Lots of wind, big seas and rain to break the Summer drought in some area's. So as it was another club outing to Takapuna beach today I was keen to see what the storm had uncovered and was on the sand half an hour early full of anticipation as to what I might find. Well I spent about two and a half hours all over the northern half of the beach and the only item found worth mentioning was a 1955 non silver sixpence. What a let down. I believe the other hunters finds were quite meagre too.  So I shifted camp to another beach nearby and spent an hour and a half with mildly better results finding one whole dollar coin a couple of lead sinkers and a nice brass swivel Carabina. Just goes to show that not all storms bring treasure. Well not for me anyway.
I wonder how the rest of you did at other beaches?

Had a great time detecting while dodging the big waves running up the sand.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Silver and Hematite Hearts day

Only one hunt this weekend at a local park that I have visited many times before. Arrived at about 7.30am and on my second grid line this little beauty popped up. It is Sterling silver with silvery black stones in each heart. I think the stone is Hematite.

The rest of the hunt had plenty of targets to choose from including my first Australian Silver coin, a George V  sixpence with illegible date although it has to be between 1910 and 1936. The 3 ring lead bullet has not been fired and is a new gauge size for my collection. Spendable's totalled $15.10. 

No Gold but still a fun morning.