Sunday, February 23, 2014

10k Class style ring

This weekend I have enjoyed two outings. One beach and 2 park hunts.
The best find was this 10k Gold on Sterling Class style ring from the first park visited today. Grinned a bit when this popped up.

Here is the best of the rest including a small .925 ring from the beach on Friday evening and the 1943 silver Florin also a park find. NZ Florins are 50% Silver.

Not sure if this button is vintage or not but the Brass centre seemed unusual. Anyone have a comment on this?


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Power cleaning Silver

Had a go at building an Electrolytic cleaner today. I think I will need to experiment a bit to get it optimised however I am quite pleased with the first result.

Apologies for the finger, it was the only one nearby.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

First triple

This Saturday evenings hunt was back at the same park I found that nice silver ring last weekend. I took a big semi circle route finding mostly 2c coins along the way and  eventually ending up at the same spot that ring came from. Glad I did as I was pleased to find my first triple ring set there too.. Both that and the wee pendant also found nearby are .925 totalling only 3.4 grams..

Here are all finds.

The centre dome of the Sunflower pendant also acid tests silver but is unmarked. The Kiwi badge is Ski Turoa.

I think the massive lead sinker is the heaviest found so far at 279.3 grams. Why would you need so much I wonder. I could understand it on the Kaipara harbour with the tidal rips but not the Waitemata but then I am just a dirt fisherman.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Silver Ring from the park

Every now and then you will have a hunt that you really enjoy usually for the variety of finds or the location or  even better both. Monday the 10th was that way for me. After work I went to a beach park and hunted for a couple of hours and then as the tide was retreating spent another hour on the beach as the sun set.
The best find of the day from the park was this .925 silver ring with central stone which I think is really smart.

Then also from the park, these two badges.

 This is my first item relating to the Auckland Exhibition albeit a bit stuffed. Enamel image.

Not sure about this one. Could be a kids badge due to the type of clasp on the back. Anyone got a comment on this?

This is all the finds. Yet another junk ring and earring with sinkers, gas fire lighter and odd shaped steel item from the beach. $25 bucks cash too.

Thanks for looking.