Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Golden Weather

This morning I parked the car and hit the beach full of anticipation for the last hunt of 2014. A cool Nor Easter was howling in causing plenty of broken waves to churn the sand a up bit. Determined to make a good find I set out and covered all the likely looking spots I could see. Thankfully the effort paid off and I uncovered a  nice 5.5g , 18kt Rose Gold wedder. The other ring is stainless and probably a $20 Wharehouse special.

Here are all the finds from the day except for a fishing hook and sinker set I gave to the Council worker servicing the bins. 

Happy New Year to all.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

X in a circle

Today from the beach.
$6.50, this silver ring and some lead sinkers.

I dug the ring at about 18" on the sand flats at low tide. It is marked Silver 925 and has cleaned up quite well. It also has a date stamp of an X in a circle which I believe is for 1849 - 1874 so has probably been buried for 100 years or so.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Two trinkets today.

I visited two large beaches today for a couple of hours on each.  I found the locket with chain on the first and everything else on the second.

When the bracelet popped up I thought I had hit the 18k big time but sadly things aren't always as they seem as although the clasp is proudly stamped 4k the bracelet itself is plated at best. The chain on the locket is marked 925 and is silver for sure. The hanger on the locket is marked 375 but no mark's on the locket itself which although it came out of the sand gold clean it is quite light so I think it is also plated. 

The tarnished 1922 English 3p is silver and the pocket knife has cleaned up and is working again. I also dug 15 old type five cent coins in about 20 metres of beach. Total spendable's $1.90. Several chunks of lead are already in the scrap recycle bin,

No particular value of finds but today's hunt was real detecting  fun.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gold n Gnome

I had a sales call near a good detecting beach on Friday afternoon. Afterwards the Nissan just knew the way somehow and the next thing I knew I was on the sand. Glad I went as although the finds were not too plentiful at least one of them was Gold. Only 1.8g of 10ct but gold nevertheless. Hopefully this has broken the gold drought that has plagued me during the winter and better finds are ahead. :-)



Sunday, November 30, 2014

58th Regiment of Foot

Today I hit the beach at 8am for the low tide and immediately noticed lots of small rocks and clay areas had been exposed. Quite normal for this coast but it has been a while since I had hunted there. I spent about 3 hours on two area's that looked promising. You will see from the pic below that I managed $1, two very tarnished silver rings, a brass lipstick holder and a military button. Not a lot but better than expected on this thrashed beach.

The button turns out to be from the uniform the 58th Rutlandshire Foot Regiment soldiers who came from England and probably saw action here during 1845 in some of our land wars particularly in the North. The regiment left NZ during 1858 while over 300 soldiers elected to stay here and settle.

Gold remains elusive but I still had a great time.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Silver repeat.

Enjoyed a good hunt after work last night that revealed $23, a 1934 Silver shilling and this Silver ring along with heaps of 1c and 2c coins and the usual junk.

The last time I hunted on November the 19th was in 2011 and that also produced a silver ring so I guess I am on a roll now. 

Finds lately have been quite slack so I was very pleased to get a silver with stone ring again.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Three pieces of Silver

Got two hunts in during the wet weekend just past. Two park hunts produced a silver ring in each and a short beach hunt gave up the 1916 English Silver Florin from a storm water washout in the sand. The small ring is quite tiny and has illegible hallmarks which does mean I suppose that it is reasonably old.

Thanks for looking.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

New Zealand R S badge n other stuff

I am sure the park was calling me at work on Friday afternoon. "Come and hunt, come and hunt" it  seemed to say. An idea much too hard to resist, so I closed the shop a bit early and off to the same park as where I found the purse last weekend.

Although it was raining I was determined to find stuff and enjoy the empty park. The final tally was the NZ Returned Soldiers silver lapel badge from WWI ,  a 1920 silver US Mercury Dime and an English shilling too corroded to see much except a young Queen Victoria's head outline, plus eight bucks.

All good fun.
Thanks for looking.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

First Purse

Today I hunted at two parks for about 6 hours. Finds were the usual mix until after about 5.75 hours when this popped up. YEHAA! My first purse. Trekked straight back to the car to get this fresh dug pic.

Here are the contents after washing.

The contents are:
One 1914 English silver shilling, one 1910 Australian silver 3 pence,
3 English penny's 1908, 1912,1915.
3 English half penny's  1914 and 2 x 1912
The best item is the 1897 English Farthing (bottom row right) as it is also a first for me.

Here is the rest of the hunt.

The Gold ring also caused some excitement when it popped up. Thought it was going to be a $2 coin as it rang up 12-39 on my E Trac. When I got home and put the glass on it to my surprise although clearly stamped 22ct it is actually gold plated. Bugger! 
Spendable's total $10.90.

Best hunt for some time. Happy as.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hallmarked 1911

I went detecting in another park today and pretended it wasn't raining as the urge to hunt was strong. Finding the 1921 English silver Florin was a yahoo moment as I have not found a Florin of any sort for some time. The silver tube thingee in the pic is I think a pencil or brush holder and is hall marked 1911.

That was the best of it now here is the rest. 

$17.90 spendables. 
All good fun as usual.


Saturday, August 30, 2014


A couple of hours after work last night produced these three finds, several pennies and $12.20 in spendable's at one of my regular parks.

The 3p is a date I did not have, 1897 so quite happy with that. The Onward badge is not in very good shape unfortunately. Google says the enamelled NZ was done in several colours but have not been able to identify who had the blue so far. If you know please comment. I suppose the VMCC badge is Newcastle Australia.



Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August Backfire

It has been a while since I posted and there is a good reason. I have been getting out for a hunt about once a week but with very mediocre results and  not finding anything worthy of posting. It is fair to say that my decision to try some unusual / unlikely spots this month has basically backfired on me. Here are a few pics showing some of the places visited and you will probably agree they are not the most inviting although still worth a shot as these two and others all had 1800"s activity.

Lots a rocks here.

Sandy rocks here.

As expected lots a lead.

The guy on the right treated beach goers to an excellent display of his RC seaplane until he crashed it in to the water doing a vertical barrel roll that went all wrong. Seems as though all hobbies have their not so good days. :-) 

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

King William IV penny

Today went back to a sports park to once again see if the WOT coil would bring any good results. I searched for about an hour and a half finding several penny's, $5.00 and a sinker then this popped up.

It is a King William IV Gulielmus copper penny. Pity about the hole but an 1837 penny nevertheless. The reverse is a bit sicker than this side where a seated Britannia is just visible. The diameter at 32mm is just larger than a regular penny. 

Thanks for looking.


Silver rings again

Saturday's hunt was about 3 hours and it produced 2 silver rings and $6.20 in spendable's.

The stones are just CZ's if you hadn't guessed already. :-) 


Monday, June 30, 2014

Brassed off

My last couple of weekend hunts have been a disaster as far as good finds go and so I have not posted for a while. Yesterday a new park yielded only $3 and a NZ silver shilling. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

Meanwhile I do seem to have found a bit of Brass over the last few months. Right colour, wrong metal but I guess you could say I am getting a small involuntary collection going.

Top row: Vintage flush toilet pull chain weight / handle, 2 curtain rod ends? , marine swivel carabina.
Middle: Engineers cold chisel and still not sure what the small brass ring with crosses is.
Bottom row: Buckle, ring, VB brand padlock and Hand Made brand padlock case.

The cold chisel was retrieved from the mudflats of a beach near to a disused ammunition store. No doubt the non sparking qualities of  a brass chisel were appreciated. 

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Just Silver n cash

Went back to last weekends park yesterday and scored another 5 silvers and $8.00. That makes 12 silvers from the same place over 2 hunts. Not all bad. Today a shorter hunt on a small city beach in the sunshine brought $9.50 and a large ball bearing sinker.weighing 142 grams.

The little 3 pence is dated 1872 a new date for me and a young Victoria can still just be seen on the very worn 6 pence. The shillings are 1912 and 1918.

No gold, no rings but still good fun.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Luck of the Clover

After a very mediocre month of finds in May I was quite undecided as to where to try my luck for my third June hunt this morning. After pontificating for a while I eventually decided on this park.

Glad I did as although I had been there many times before the W.O.T. coil seemed to be in it's element and I found this.

Yes that's right 7 silvers. I could hardly believe it after all the trash I have been digging lately. 3 Thruppences and 4 Sixpences. The sixpence top right is 1816 George III and equals my oldest coin to date. Maybe the little 4 leaf Clover badge had something to do with it. All the silver was quite deep, at least the length of my pin pointer so I guess the W.O.T coil is earning it's keep. I am told that the top left thingee is a picture hanger from times when a lounge room would have a ledge (daydo) around the walls at about 6 ft high.
All good fun again.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Good times at the beach

I took my new 15" W.O.T. coil to another beach today. This is a huge beach when the tide is out and hunted by many so another good test for this new coil. Targets were few and far between although with virtually no trash I didn't have to dig so much which was nice. The small Sterling silver ring was dug from quite deep on a good signal. 

The lead sinkers always sound terrific of course but the Citizen ladies watch was such a clipped signal I nearly missed it. As it is in great condition I am hoping a new battery will fire it up.

Cash today was the huge amount of $1.50.
Good times. 
(deliberate pun) 

HH and good luck.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

New 15" Toy

Strapped a Coiltek 15" WOT coil on to my E Trac this weekend.

Just for fun I decided to visit spots that I knew had been well hunted to see what I could find.
I visited ripple cuts on two beaches and recent hot spots in two parks. At one of the parks I knew that   three CTX 3030's had hit it pretty hard so you can imagine I was not confident of finding much and therefore a good test for the coil.  Here is what popped up.

The best of it was the Australian 1916 silver thruppence and the NZ 1936 silver sixpence. The rest just regular stuff. Surprisingly this large coil was quite easy to pinpoint with after a bit of practice. 
I was quite pleased with the result and look forward to hitting more of my previously hunted sites. 



Saturday, April 26, 2014

Silver and Snakes

Today I got to my local beach at around 7 am and followed the tide down for 3 hours or so. The sand is always moving on this beach and  so there was the usual selection of bottle tops and tear tabs. No gold for me this time but I did manage this nice Silver anklet chain.

With Auckland's cultural diversity new types of finds are appearing on the beaches I visit and today was no exception when all this came out of the same hole.

I showed a young Indian bloke who stopped for a chat and he reckoned they were Hindu horoscope cards. I asked him about the snakes and he said they were snakes.

This small charm like thingee had me guessing.

until I did this

And as you can see it is a 2cm lipstick. Some one must have really small lips.

Here is a couple of finds from Easter hunts. 

Do you know what this is? If so please email me. I think it is cast bronze and has a 17 mm internal diameter .

and a souvenir coin all the way from the US of A.

Thanks for looking.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Golden Iti

I had a hunch that the storm surge from the remnants of cyclone Iti may have moved sand and sure enough on visiting the beach after work on Thursday evening I found it had stripped about 20cm off the top of the beach in places. So concentrating on those area's I found crusty coins and these two 14 k rings. (585)

It has been a while since I have seen gold so it made a great start to my holiday weekend.
Thanks Iti 


Sunday, April 13, 2014

4 Silvers today

There were other travellers in the field today all sporting CTX 3030's against my trusty E Trac. No pressure for me to get a good result of course. You would think I might have found more in 6 hours but alas no, my result was only 4 silver sixpences, 21 pennies and $9.00 in spendable's. I am not sure how the 3030's did in the end as we all departed at different times however I did see one English half crown.

Here is my stuff.

The oval badge is from Seddon Technical College which used to be where Western Springs High school is now.

All good fun.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Silver and Army Badge

Today I hunted in the same general area as I found last weeks 3 English  half crowns hoping for more of course. I did find one more dated 1920 and also an 1880 English shilling and a 1926 English threepence.

Another find that was a total surprise when it popped up from the depths was this Royal Army Service Corps cap badge from 1914 - 1918. At least I think that's what it is. Comments are welcome.

Here are the best finds without the trash.

The small pendant is from the Canterbury Jubilee Industrial Exhibition 1900 - 1901 and although the coin bottom left is pretty rough it is in fact a 1940 One Quarter Anna from India minted by Britain - George VI King and Emperor. Not shown is 21 pennies and $16.50 of spendable's. 
Had a great 6 hours. 


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lost Silver funds

Recently I found 3 silver English Half Crowns in one hole in a local park. I was really pleased to get this find as in my experience they are not so plentiful any more. Two were 1915 and the other 1912. Also dug with them was a 1912 English Half Penny. This is how they were in the ground.

The thing that intrigued me was that between the halfpenny and the top silver coin was a folded piece of paper. I imagine that originally the paper was wrapped around all the coins as they were tightly stacked in the ground and it would have held them together before disintegrating over the years. Anyway after a few days of drying I managed to unfold the paper as below.

The paper seems to be a public transport ticket or ticket receipt but it is not complete. The piece of paper just above the halfpenny is all that is left of the outer wrapper. The silver coins are a little worn so my guess is they were deposited around the early 1920's. 

So why was someone carrying seven shillings and sixpence halfpenny? If they were so careful to wrap the coins how did they come to loose them? Where could they have gone in NZ for that amount of money in those days? Perhaps the half crowns were for a purchase and the halfpenny was the tram fare home but somehow I don't think so as a tram ride would not have had the type of ticket as above. I understand the average NZ wage in 1920 was about four pound ten shillings so this was possibly a considerable loss for the looser. Your comments are welcome and particularly if you can identify the ticket..

Thanks for your interest.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Silver Rewards

Another daybreak hunt for me today. Hit the park just before 7 am when the sun was nearly up and well before the Sunday sports teams start arriving. Although the first couple of hours were a bit slow, digging mainly spendable's and trash, my first decent find was an 1867 English Shilling with a 1900 English Sixpence in the same hole.

More dollars popped up and then the large .925 Silver ring which weighs 11.3 grams was closely followed by the 1861 Napoleon III DIX Centimes (10 cents) with the Paris mint mark.

By now I had been hunting for about 4 hours and was getting a bit stuffed from walking up and down the slope and digging most signals. Anyway cruising along I got a mediocre signal that sounded too good not to dig and I am soooo glad I did, because  in the same hole were 3  English Half Crowns with an English half penny. Woopdedoo!! Two 1915 and one 1912. I will be posting again re this find as there is more to tell.

Here are some pics from my most enjoyable and rewarding hunt for a while.

This is all the finds. The torch still works. I think the brass cap at the top right may be a curtain rod end.

Below is the 1861 Napoleon III DIX Centimes coin. Only half a mm smaller than an English penny they apparently did circulate for a brief time in England due to coin shortages which may explain how this one has ended up in an Auckland park 153 years later.

 A fun morning.
Thanks for looking.