Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sterling and 10k New Year

Well my last hunt for 2013 was only for about an hour and a half this afternoon but very enjoyable all the same. I went to a small park for the first time and found that someone else had also visited recently and I assume got most of the goodies. However they did miss this........

A sterling sliver and 10k bracelet knackered by the grass mowers , 3 penny's, English Australian and NZ, a NZ half penny and a 1947 NZ Florin. The bracelet is only good for scrap but I am still counting it as Silver and Gold.

Thanks everyone for following my blog during 2013.
Happy New Year to you and good luck for 2014.


Monday, December 30, 2013

Holiday hunt no 4

Got out for a park hunt last evening. Stayed about 2 hours including waiting out a 20 minute rain break but was quite happy with the result nevertheless.

The silver Half Crown was the first hit  within 3 paces of starting out. Hoped for another but not this time.
$10.00 plus two silvers and an 1873 penny was the best of it. 


Friday, December 27, 2013

Got Gold Grin

I spent 2 - 3 hours detecting a city beach this morning enjoying the early hour while following the tide down. I had hit this beach last weekend and hoped there just might be more goodies to find. Sure enough a few coins and two rings surfaced and I drove home with the Got Gold Grin.

When I arrived home and put the glass on the gold ring Sacrebleu !!!
I find STG HGP!!!!!
Damm it - plated silver. Grrrr.

The black ring is unmarked and probably a junker and the wee bell is cast brass.

All good fun.  :-)


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Adie and Lovekin No 2

As a followup from last weekends hunt I now have the details on the Swastika brooch I found. It was made by Adie and Lovekin, Silversmiths and Assayed in Birmingham, Sterling Silver, 1911.

I believe it has had blue enamel on the white background. Before WW2 the swastika was quite a popular design for jewellery and I understand is also used in the Hindu religion

As this is my second find of a piece by this Silversmith I can now say I have an Adie and Lovekin collection. Well it is a start anyway. Just wish I could have seen them both when new.

The previous Adie and Lovekin post is here: https://draft.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=4356931542255746237#editor/target=post;postID=3245679027576755981;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=1;src=link



Sunday, December 22, 2013

Turquoise bluff

Today I was up early with the Sparrows and off to the beach / park where I found some silver a couple of weekends back. Once again I was too late for the bottom of the tide and so I quickly got busy at the base of the slope and after finding a few coins up popped this large heavy Copper ring.

I am thinking it is not a real Turquoise stone, just blue epoxy with black squiggles. 

After about 90 minutes the heat of the Sun pushed me off the beach and in to the park where I could hunt in dappled shade and avoid the dreaded sunburn. Here is the best of the mornings hunt.

$13.00 cash and another 1933 NZ Silver Shilling.
There will be more to post about the Swastika when I have managed to soak the crud off to be able to read the Hallmarks and makers mark on the back. 


Mixed bunch mostly cash

An early start last weekend produced a mixed lot of finds. $24.60 in cash plus a $2 Australian. The USB stick is a first and it still works fine . Been a while since I dug any Knuckle bones and then up pop 3 in one hole. The vehicle key is not branded and was an eyeball find. Unfortunately the Air Force hat? badge has been squished and probably won't handle straightening but I will try.

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Some Silver still hiding.

I spent 2.5 hours on Mission bay this weekend. Early morning hunt but unfortunately I was too late for the low tide so was confined to the slope. Managed $5.20 and a Malaysian 10c coin, definitely not spectacular.The beach started getting busy around 9am and as the urge to hunt was not satisfied I transferred to a nearby seaside park. While hunting a guy with a dog remarked on passing "This place has been well picked over. I doubt you will find much". Well I already knew that but replied with the stock answer of  nobody gets everything and different machines give different results which seemed to satisfy him and he went on his way.  I was there for about 2 hours and was quite pleased with the result.

Here is everything found with the park finds on the right. I don't know what the small brass slug stamped 98 is for. All three silver coins were found at about 25 - 30cm deep.

Thanks for looking.


Monday, December 2, 2013

Scrap value

Last Sunday I should have been at the Club hunt at St Heliers but as I was waaaay too late getting going I went to another mud flat instead hoping for some success as with the Silver coins the previous weekend.
Well of course it doesn't work like that and my finds were not very good at all. However at least I can now tick the spot off as being investigated. I was treated to some unusual city views on the way out.

There must have been boat repairs done on this mud in the past as I did find heaps of Copper sheet off cuts and pieces of copper 12v battery cable. The only items of any note were the three lead Musket balls and a small Brass button with the word Suspenders still legible. All up and including the Copper sheet a good value scrap metal hunt.