Friday, November 29, 2013

Whatzit's from the weekend

I found three Whatzits last during last weekends hunt that seemed worth taking home to reveal the contents.

The lower one turned out to be the top of an old lead toothpaste tube. The one on the right was a 1920 English penny and the larger left hand Whatzit revealed this padlock stamped Hand Made.

I think it was either lost before it was finished or the connecting pins and insides were made of steel and have corroded away because during cleaning it all came apart. 

Not sure what the small brass lug is for as it was just within the Whatzit. 

That's all. :-)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Silver search

Last weekend I managed to get to hunt an old Auckland beach that from my research was very likely to have had some old silver coins lurking. I am pleased to report that my hunch was correct and I managed 5 silver coins and a few other bits n bobs. Included was my new oldest coin being an 1816 George III English sixpence, . The others are 3 more sixpences 1817, 1837, 1922 and a 1908 English threepence. Unfortunately no large silver coins but I guess someone has been through before me.

There was also this brass button which I think is from the New Zealand Shipping Co Ltd.
  1. The New Zealand Shipping Company was a shipping company whose ships ran passenger and cargo services between Great Britain and New Zealand between 1873 and 1973. Wikipedia

Here is everything including my first Police whistle and first brass safety pin.

No gold but maybe next time.

HH all.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Club hunt - Pt Chev beach

Today was the club outing at Pt Chev beach. I went along knowing that good finds would likely be scarce but of course you never know for sure. I lined, I gridded , worked the slope, walked the flats, wandered randomly and followed a shallow cut but the cool finds were just not there for me today. The people though are always friendly on that beach which makes any hunt enjoyable.

One thing found was this lead disc with the elephant on one side and a chart in another language on the back as in the second image. One of you may know what it is.

Here are the rest of my finds. Nothing of value really. The Golb nugget is a good size and the headless soldier is well endowed. The button is labelled Smith & Caughey Auckland and the NZ threepence is 1957.

The car key is Wellington Phoenix FC.

That's all folks.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Beach, beach, park.

I have had two outings so far this month, visiting two beaches and a seaside park.
All good fun in the sun but unfortunately not a lot of  keepers to report. The silver ring was from my regular goto beach and today the large bronze ring and silver shilling popped up in a park not visited before.
This is the best of it......

.... and this is everything from todays outing.

Thanks for looking.