Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunrise Gold

I got out early this morning arriving at the park at around 6.30 am keen to get a good result after only finding one dollar on yesterday's outing.

This 9ct signet ring popped up after about an hour of small coins and trash. Coincidentaly it came up only about 10m from where I found my first ever gold ring back in January 2012 which was also a 6.15am early start.

Then after about another hour the 3 English sixpences arrived one after the other, 1918, 1888 and a young Victoria with the date worn away.

The Traders token on the right is so knackered all I can make out is a standing Britania with right arm raised on one side and a capital D below centre and to the left on the other. Damm shame really as traders tokens are few and far between tthese days. After 3 hours there was not a huge number of keepers but they all arrived  at regular intervals amoungst the trash making the hunt very enjoyable.

So that's Gold two weekends in a row. I'm on a roll! 
Yeah right.

Thanks for looking .

Sunday, October 6, 2013

More Old gold with Silver n Lead

Today the club had an outing to a mudflat area that looked promising. There were many targets to dig although for me they were mostly copper and brass scrap except for a couple of coins and 675g of lead sinkers. After about an hour, two of us moved sites to a nearby beach hoping for better luck.  This turned out to be a good move for me as I found a 9ct ring, a Sterling Silver ring and a silver bow brooch along with an Aussie $2. The gold ring is hallmarked by the Chester assay office and I believe the date mark is 1898. Maker W. H. Tandy and Sons 1896 - 1957.

The lead sinkers were huge.

The day turned out pretty good with plenty to dig and some reward for it too.

Thanks for looking.