Sunday, September 1, 2013

Deep Foreign coins at the beach

I was late for the Low tide this morning so I chose this beach as it is relatively close to home. Can you guess where it is?

The water was already over where I would have preferred to search so I decided to take it easy and just enjoy the surroundings. and be happy with whatever I found. Starting near the water I  dug heaps of bottle tops and tear tabs hoping to fluke a ring or two but without any success except for a couple of sinkers and pieces of bling. Eventually I ended up against the cliff where the E Trac started picking up deep mid to low tone signals that I thought may be foil but of course hoped for much better. I dug a couple which were both small foreign coins at about 40cm deep. Then another, and another. Ended up with 17 coins, mostly foreign, all at a similar depth from a smal area of about 3 square metres. The oldest is 1973 and the newest 2007. This is the small patch that kept me digging 17 holes. Other beachgoer's must have thought I was a bit loopy.

Note all holes filled. :-) Here are the finds. Nothing of value just an unusual mix.

From the top:
NZ coins:      1 x 20c and 5 x10c
Australian:     6 x 5c
Singapore:     2 x 20c and 1 x 10c
India:            1 x 50 Paise and 1 x 25 Paise.

Weird eh.

Anyone know what the round lead thingy on the bottom row is?

That was my Fathers Day hunt 2013.




Jim Heape said...

Sure would be good to know how they all ended up there.Is It Cornwallis?

Chris said...

Hi Jim.
No not Cornwallis.
Any more guess's anyone?

Chris said...

Yep that's right Murray