Sunday, June 30, 2013

1901 Two Annas silver coin

Two short hunts this weekend produced 3 silvers and some spendables along with the usual junk. I was quite pleased with one of the silvers as it is my first Two Annas silver coin and dated 1901.  

The Two Annas were minted in silver by the British for use in India from 1862 to 1901. Some title Victoria as 'Queen' others as 'Empress. This one says Victoria Empress. It is quite small at only 15mm which is smaller than an English 3p at 20mm. I seem to remember someone else finding one a while back too.
Here is the best of it for the weekend.

Happy hunting.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fiorelli Fire

I haven't been posting much lately as I haven't been finding much really on the few times this month that I have got out in about. Generally it has just been for an hour or so before dark and that was the case on a local beach last night. I went there because it's not far from home and I needed to hunt but had no expectation of finding much as I know everybody is hammering this stretch of sand.

Well my expectations were correct as there was no gold , silver or even a coin or two in the time that I had. The nearest thing to gold was this 3cm diameter Fiorelli globe trinket

and this Fire truck

which both made huge noise in my phones as alloy tends to do. Although I have cleaned up the trinket a bit they had both obviously been there a while, were both only about 10 cm deep and found in the middle of the beach slope so  it is surprising everyone including myself, has missed them. They are of no value of course but what else has been missed? Better go back for another hunt I reckon. ;-)