Sunday, April 28, 2013

Anzac weekend 2013

Hi All,

Had 4 days off this weekend but only managed two short hunts.
The first was Friday night in the dark which was so cool. $9.50 and a bronze pussy was the result.
Today I went to reconnoitre some mudflats as a possible "early Auckland "spot for hunting on suitable tides.
The only item of note was the silver ring stamped STG and that is more than enough to get me back there another day.
Here is the pic for the weekend less recyclables.

By the way there is a new hunter in the area called Kevin. He has an X-TERRA 705 and for a newbie I think is doing very well with gold and silver finds already. His blog is here:



Sunday, April 21, 2013

20k and some cash.

This morning I decided to visit a small park and beach that I had not been to for a while .
The park area gave up $21.00 spendable and the beach a few deep current issue 20c coins. Then a sports park nearby added another few bucks and the 2011 Junior world series Cricket Badge.
The badge is worthless but a total of $28.00 spendable and the $10.00 note I picked up in the street on Saturday has fattened the wallet quite nicely.

Last night this blog clicked through 20,000 visits which I find quite amazing. I guess somebody enjoys reading about my little adventures. The most popular post of all time so far is The first 3 months Detecting Fun  Apr 9, 2011,  

Thanks to all for looking.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Silver surprise

No finds of note to report this weekend, However I did purchase some Silver dip cleaner and a Gold n Silver test kit.

I am pleased to say that the unmarked yellow ring found last weekend appears to be 9ct. Gold.

The surprise came when I cleaned my silver rings. They all cleaned up very nicely except one which was the Stolen Girlfriends Bow ring. It is stamped  STG so I tested it with the acid test and it failed.

The jewellers wholesaler that supplied the test kit did happen to mention that there is quite a lot of gold and silver in the market these days that may not be true to label. I guess it is buyer beware as always when it comes to jewellery.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ripple cut Gold

This morning I visited two beaches.

The first beach only produced $1.80 in spendable and a junk Dolphin ring. However the bikini girl swimming at 7.45 am made digging heaps of bottle tops much more bearable. Sorry no pics. :-)

As soon as I got onto the second beach I hit the ripple cut  that had formed just below the high tide line and within 3 swings I dug the yellow ring in the pic . The silver ring was from nearby and the bracelet and all the earrings were dug from where I reckon the sand from the cut had been moved too. All good fun.

Here is the best of it.

The Gold ring weighs 8.1 grams but is not marked so I am going to get hold of an acid test to confirm the carat. I think it is 18ct as it registers the same as other 18ct rings on the E Trac. Some say it may be Indian gold.  The ear ring is stamped .925.

Generally a much better result than my last 5 or 6 outings.