Sunday, March 24, 2013

Birkenhead for a change

Today I visited a small park by the sea that I think maybe one of Treasureseekers haunts. It was nice of him to leave me $7 and two silvers but I was not too keen on the watch. :-)

Shot over to Cheltenham for an hour after the park. Tide was low and the beach seemed very built up with sand. All I found was the brass fitting (top right) and many, many bottle tops. Quite amazing what the sea can do to brass over time. Under a glass you can see tiny globules that seem to have separated from the alloy. 



Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday WOT.

Mission Bay - one hour after low tide
Early am
Duration 1.75hours
Weather - raining
Fun level - intermittent
Finds - $2.90
Conclusion - a Waste of Time but you gotta try eh. :-)


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Beach Silver Gold Mix

Got on to the sand at 7am today with the tide about an hour in.
I set out doing a reasonably tight grid up and down the beach slope determined to get whatever was available.
To improve coil coverage I tried dragging behind me a lead sinker on a piece of string to mark my search line in the sand. Worked very well too making just enough mark for me to see without leaving a highly visible snake all over the beach as happens when a scoop is dragged..

These are my finds for 3 hours of searching.

There must have been a Pandora bracelet lost at some time as I found 3 charms with only the flower being stamped .925. Interestingly the sparkly round charm was about 200 metres away from the other two which were close together about half a metre apart. 

The cross ring is plated plastic, unfortunately the gold ring is plated copper I think and the silver ring is not stamped silver but quite a nice ring anyway. 

I think the D is for dilemma because the D is stamped 9k and the chain catch is stamped 9ct and the wee disc at the catch is stamped .375. I guess it is all White Gold if k and ct are both the real thing?  I am claiming it as a Gold find anyway. :-)

Thanks for  looking.