Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adie and Lovekin Ltd

This morning's beach hunt had to be aborted due to me being too late for the incoming tide and so I went to a city park where I thought there may be some silver. Thankfully my hunch was correct and the first piece was a 1943 NZ shilling. Some while later up popped this silver brooch.

The hallmarks are Birmingham, 1919 with the makers mark letters ALLd. 
On searching Google it seems they were a well known English jewellery manufacturer called Adie and Lovekin Ltd who were active from about 1880 to the late 1920"s. Part of their range was Silver and Enamel brooches and the Thistle emblem was used in many of their productions. Te Papa has a small collection of some of their other work.

One aspect I find quite unusual is the method of manufacture of this item. The Thistle emblem is a metal pressing that was stamped out in one go and the outer circle appears to have been cast in two halves and sweated together making a very light , hollow brooch. In the reverse pic below you can see the expansion holes and the hallmarks. This is my first hollow brooch find.

Here is the rest of the finds for the day without the usual lead and brass pieces that are in the scrap bins already. The piece of hot rock sets off the pin pointer like crazy.  I suppose it could be from the depths of Rangitoto.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Silver and Toys.

I spent 4 hours on Pt Chev beach this morning trying out a new program on the E Trac.
Seemed to work well as I got a good variety of stuff compared to recent beach visits. There has also been quite major sand shifts on the beach in the last week too as tarnished coins were often quite near the surface and several bright shiny 50c pieces at 25cm.

I managed two .925 silver items: A silver ring and one silver and Paua ear ring.

Four more for the fleet including my first motor bike quite appropriately on the Harley Davidson show weekend.

As well as $19.30 in cash and several bling items.

A good mornings exercise with some free canine hole digging assistance. 


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cornwallis Black Sand

Today I got out early and went west to Cornwallis beach and wharf. As it happens I was not early enough because by the time I arrived the tide was already over the mudflats which left the beach and grass area behind to hunt. The beach has lots of black sand so I wound back the sensitivity on manual and closed the screen down to about the top 1/3rd with Quickmask and had a go. Although the E Trac was still Nulling a lot I did manage the junk ring and a couple of sinkers before moving up to the grass area. There seemed to be very little there to find today although I dug another $18.90 in spendable cash. Perhaps I will return on a better tide.

The Park Ranger made a point of stopping for a chat about what I was finding and so I gave him the ladies wallet I have picked up a little earlier. I did get this pic of the wharf taken quite early before the sun was properly up which makes it look a little dark n spooky.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Evening park hunt

Tonight I went to my regular park for a late evening hunt and to my surprise in 2 hours I got a reasonable result compared to my other 10 hunts since Christmas. :-)

$15 spendable.
1931 English silver sixpence
1945 NZ silver sixpence
3 English young Victoria pennies 1866, 1867 and 1899
as well as several other small pre decimal coins and other junk.
The 1866 penny pictured is in fair condition for English penny's of that era as they are usually beyond help.

Happy Hunting.

Friday, February 1, 2013

DetectNZ new website launched today.

Hi Everyone,

Today I launched our new website for Metal Detecting supplies in NZ.
Hope you like the format and visit us now and again.

Happy hunting.

PS: If you have any trouble navigating the site I would like some feedback please.