Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve 2012

This evening I was able to get out to my favourite park for a couple of hours for my last hunt in 2012.
It was very enjoyable  hunting in the late afternoon sun and then in to the cool of the evening. My finds were just average with $16.00 spendable and two more 1933 silver sixpences to cap off the year.

The pocket knife is probably the oldest I have found but it is totally knackered and so it is now in the bin.

Happy New Year to all.
Looking forward to 2013 finds.
Thanks for following my blog during 2012..


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Night Beat

The group on the left in the pic below is from a recent park hunt and includes a couple more English silvers. The group on the right is from last nights hunt on Mission Bay beach where I spent about 2 hours in the dry sand as it was high tide. There were still plenty of people on the beach at 10 pm  and so I was a bit restricted in hunting the preferred area's but had fun anyway. In the low light I thought the wee badge whatzits were earrings at first as I pulled them all from the same hole. Do you know what they are? I guess they are just multiple bling.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

First holiday hunt 2012

Enjoyed a couple of hours on a local beach early this morning and was quite pleased with the result as it is a well hunted stretch of sand. The current settings on my E Trac seem to be better than previous as there is a noticeable increase in the depth of finds in the sand. I am using Quick Mask most of the time too as it is so simple and quick to adjust for the conditions.

As you can see in the pic the main finds were exactly $5 spendable, one small lead sinker and two pieces of Silver.The pendant is stamped .925 and I think the carving is bone.
The 1934 silver NZ Florin was a big surprise as this beach was re sanded  2 or 3 years ago. The coin has some pock marking so must have been in the sand for quite a while.

All up in the 2 hours I found steel coins, copper coins, nickel cadmium coins, lead and silver but alas no gold.
Maybe next time.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Best day recently - Gold , Silver, Lead

Today turned out to be a most excellent days detecting in two parts.

It started by taking a road trip to a Regional park up the coast a way. Arriving at around 8.15am the beach was almost deserted.

Within a short time I found a line on the beach where there seemed to be many lead sinkers so I focused on that thinking I might get lucky with some Gold. Sure enough about 3 hours and 150 metres of beach later a gold and white gold ring came up from about 20cm deep. Happiness prevailed.  By now I had 780g of lead in my pouch and as the beach was getting quite busy I decided to pack up and move on. Here is all from the beach;

As I had not found Gold for a while I was still buzzing on the drive back and decided to make that my excuse to pop in at my favourite park for some more R & R. 

The park started producing almost straight away with $12.60 goldies and a most welcome 1934 silver Florin which was a nice bonus on top of the gold ring. Then to really make the day I brought up a pocket spill of 5 Silver coins, all English - 1 Half Crown 1919, 2 Shillings 1908,1921 and 2 sixpences 1929 and another with the date gone but Victoria facing left.

Here is the best of my excellent day out.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cash only day.

No special tickets to write about today.
Just $22 cash a sinker and a few 9mm blank cases.
Lots of clad too.
Had fun amongst the Pohutukawa's.