Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bulbus brass

Today's hunt was the only one for me this weekend. I don't have anything grand to show from it like Brett's Platinum or Jim's double gold (congrats to both) but I enjoyed it all the same. The one item that did intrigue me a little was the bulbus brass thingee that you can see in the pic below.

At first I thought it was a builders plumb bob but now I am leaning towards a clock pendulum weight. The hole at the top is threaded and underneath there is what looks like a copper insert that I assume is used to fine tune the 305 gram weight. (Edit Nov.14: Since found that it is a handle from on old toilet chain pull )
Just one silver today and I think my first English 1955 old style threepence. Also dug some lead but that is already in the scrap bin.



Detecting has given me so many good times over the last two years that I have decided to diversify my usual business and start up a new venture called DetectNZ.

The aim of DetectNZ is to provide a local source of good quality metal detecting gear for those who enjoy it as a hobby and also for the more serious gold hunter.

To get the ball rolling I have become a Minelab Dealer and our first stock will arrive on Monday. In due course I intend to build up a reasonably wide range of useful accessories around the Minelab detectors to  provide a one stop shop for most detecting needs.

Initially we are stocking:

Pro Finder 25 pin pointer
X Terra 305 and X Terra 705 Gold Pack.
Excal II with the 10" coil.
E Trac
CTX 3030 Standard pack.

Our website will be up as soon as it is built, so meanwhile I have put up a blog at  where you can see prices and links to product details.

If you would like to be on our mailing list for product specials etc. then please send me your email address soon.
If you would like to touch a CTX 3030 then pop in to our showroom. :-)

Business phone: 09 820 4969.
Avondale, Auckland.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Silver cannon

Just a short hunt late today back at the park were I found the silver buckle last weekend.
Tried out the E Trac settings Brett had suggested with a little success. Went over the same area where the buckle was found and both Max and I had found silver coins there before too. Got 2 more and the wee cannon so that finished the weekend nicely.

I see on the Paydirt forum that Chrispy in Christchurch got 30 silvers in one hunt. Hard to beat. Wow! I am in the wrong city I think.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Silver and grass

Got two hunts in today.
The first was a couple of hours on St Heliers beach from 6.45 am. I had planned to be there earlier to catch the 0.2 low tide but the plan failed. Nevertheless I did manage to find a tiny silver ring, some change and I think maybe my first British pound coin.  I was happy to get those items from that very plundered beach.

After lunch I followed up on a referral from Brett for a farmer out at Swanson who had lost his bunch of keys in a paddock. You will see in the photo below that the grass was so long that it made it impossible to swing the coil properly. Anyway after some instruction from the farmer of where it was likely to be I said I would give  it a go.  Well I did give it a go for about 2 and a 1/2 hours and found nothing except for a few nails. At least that proved to me that the E Trac was seeing through the grass even though I could only swing the coil  about 25cm above the ground.  Ah well you can't win them all. I think he will put the cattle in now and mow it all down. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gold returned

Six hours hunting parks and beaches this weekend brought me a few firsts at detecting.

I was on the beach today cruising along with few targets when a young family approached and asked what I was looking for. "Gold" I replied quite positively as if it was an every day occurrence.  Then of course the next question was "Do you find any?" to which I have a variety of stock answers ready but today I selected "Oh yes jewelry mostly."  Well at this point we parted and I sailed on ahead digging the odd thing here and there. After a few minutes the wee girl from the family came chasing after me yelling "Can you come back quick." So I did and guess what the mum had dropped her gold wedding ring in the sand and it had gone straight down.  A quick swing with the E Trac, pinpoint and then with only 2 shovels of sand and it was back on her finger. So I am counting this as my first ring return. Sorry no pics as they departed so damn quickly there was no time to get my phone out.

The other firsts were the silver buckle I posted yesterday and some grape shot from the same park. Then today on the beach a small version of the NZ Forces 4 star button ( only 15mm dia.) that I have not seen before. As it is brass it is still in quite good nick. Made by J R Gaunt and Son Ltd London (1899 - 1991).

Not many items to show really but still buzzing about the buckle. 


Friday, October 12, 2012

1909 Silver Buckle

After a trip in to the city tonight with an unplanned urgent delivery I took the opportunity to re visit a city park.
I am pleased I did as this popped up from about 25cm down. I was not too sure what it was at first but after washing it back at home my wife recognized it as half a ladies belt buckle.
It is hallmarked Birmingham 1909. Just wish the other half had been with it (I did re check the hole) as the pair nested together would have been quite smart.

The belt loop would fit a belt 40mm wide (1 1/2")  and I assume the other half would have been stamped with a number 1. It has been hand crafted as under a glass the saw cuts on the fretwork are clearly visible.

Here is what it probably looked like on the belt.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Doing the hard yards!

While waiting to have an idea for new ground to plunder I do seem to have been revisiting well hunted sites quite a lot lately and this weekend was no exception. An hour or so at Coyle park yesterday and several hours at Mission Bay and Kohi early this morning made getting a good result quite difficult. I sort of decided that that would be my personal challenge - to find something good that the other guys had left behind.  Well that's my story anyway. It's another way of saying nothing momentous to report today.

I did get a silver 6p and silver Gemini pendant, $16 in Goldies, some junk jewelry  saw a great Sunrise and had a lot of fun.

Thanks to Max and Andrew etc. for missing some stuff at Mission bay. :-))