Sunday, September 30, 2012

Silver n Shells

The last weekend of September but the first of Daylight Saving for this year. Yippee!

Yesterdays hunt back at "82 coin - one hole" beach was not that fruitful except for 3 more coins from the same hole and the small brass bell with no knocker.

This afternoon I decided to visit my favourite park as it usually gives me something good. The "anti-magnetic but not waterproof" watch came up on the second swing. The penny is 1920 and the earings are bling but the 3 shillings were very welcome. NZ 1933 and 1940 with an English 1919. Goldies have been scarce for me lately so the $15.20 was a nice bonus too.

Seemed to find shell cases wherever I hunted this weekend. I note several of the WW2 cases are getting much shorter now and I suppose it wont be long before all future hunters will find will be the head end.
The case below looks like it has been fired twice! Is that common?


Sunday, September 23, 2012

One hole - 82 coins

This afternoon I decided to do a short drive to reconnoiter a couple beach area's as a possible for new hunting grounds. On arriving the beach looked like a bit of a long shot but I decided to have a short swing anyway to get a feel for it.

After about 50 paces an unusual sound in the phones encouraged me to dig and this is what I found.

Yes 82 coins in one hole and I suspect there are still more lurking. So what could they all be from? Maybe the remnants of a cash box from a robbery in the area  or perhaps someone got away with the church collection - who knows. The only spendable coins are the 6 current 10c's so I got 60c whoop de doo!
Strangely they are also the youngest coins in the haul and all 2006 the year that size 10c was first introduced. The group on the right are all Fijian and on the left all Kiwi with one Australian and 3 unknown Asian in front.

Here is the hole.

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mid week hunts are back!

Left work early today for some stress relief at the beach swinging the coil.
Only had an hour and a half  to pound the sand but got a nice surprise with a 190? English 3p popping up on the seaward side of a ripple cut. It must have been there a while as it is very encrusted.

Also a few coins and other junk with a .222 shell and a lead bullet. Overall a reasonable result from a well hunted beach.

With daylight saving starting in 10 days I am so looking forward to many more of these mid week hunts.
Good luck out there.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

1930's school re visit

Some of you will remember that Max and I got permission to hunt a 1938 school  back in February this year. Well the ground on the main field was too hard to dig then so we went back today for another look.

Max has his new E Trac and this was a good place to try it out some more.
Turns out the middle of the main field is a bit of a lake at this time of year so we decided to hunt the sidelines again. We were there about 2.5 hours. I dug 47 coins mostly old style decimal  and many of  them will end up in the bin of no value. The 3 silvers were welcome and may be due partly to running a different program from our first visit.

It was pretty cool two  E Tracs hunting at the same time and I look forward to another hunt when maybe we can get 3 going.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

English silver trio

Today's hunt was great.
I went back to a city park that I always really enjoy searching but had not visited for a while.
Arrived at 7.30am and by 8am I had found my first silver. Yep three coins in the same hole just waiting for recovery. An 1884 shilling with an 1881 sixpence and an 1889 threepence neatly stacked on top.

Here they are fresh from the hole.

A short while later up came silver coin number 4, a 1903 English threepence.
Threepence's are quite hard to find and this one was on edge in the ground so the E Trac did well I thought.

Here are all the items recovered today including the I Pod eyeball find.

The chain bracelet got me going a bit but alas I think it is not silver, just bling. So is the earing although possibly quite an old design.

And last but not least the key and tag. The only Robinsons Motors I can find were a company from Putaruru a small town in the Waikato. That company was registered in 1959 and struck off in 1987. My guess is that as this key was found on a sports field they probably ran a bus service for sports trips from Putaruru.
I wonder how they got home that day. Hot wired the bus I suppose. 

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Silver Imports

Two days.
Two hunts.
$2.00 spendable.
Two silvers.

Here is the best of it ............

1913 French 1 Franc and 1906 English Sixpence

and the rest of it.

I really, really really need some new ground to plunder.
Still 2 silvers is better than no silvers.
Looking forward to next weekends hunts somewhere already.

HH all.