Saturday, August 4, 2012

10k plus .925 Pandora

Spent a few hours on a beach this afternoon and found this bracelet.

I thought it was a just a nicer piece of bling when it came up out of the sand but on arriving home my daughter said "Oh no that's a Pandora bracelet and they're quite expensive".  So then on looking closer with my glass  I find that the two beads at the right hand end are stamped 10k and 4 of the others are stamped 925. The chain might be silver too.
Whoop de do. Yellow. Suddenly it became a much better result for the day. Prior to that the only targets were a few coins and sinkers and lots of pull tabs. 

There were quite a few people on the beach enjoying the winter sun including a couple of naked guys getting their vitamin D. One of them was spoken to by another (clothed) guy on the beach. I was way to far away to hear what was said but it must have been quite specific cos the naked guy quickly grabbed his clothes and literally sprinted off the beach and up the track. Must have been a bit of a surprise for anyone on the track. Bit of  a giggle really. :-)

HH to all.


Max said...

Nice Chris! Very Nice!
My wife has one bracelet not pandorra though... Can i trade those gold charms from you ? :-) you u going to hoard them for now?:-))

Metal Kiwi said...

Thanks Max.
Sorry no trade possible as my wife and daughter already trying to claim. :-)

Max said...

I thought its gonna happen :-)))

congrats again Nice find!

Brett said...

Now that is a cool find.. and bet it was an odd signal... what were the etrac numbers?

Metal Kiwi said...

I have no idea what the numbers were but it was quite loud in my ears. If I had known what I had found at the time I may have remembered. Might have to go back and see if there are any loose charms about.