Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cult ring maybe

Two beach hunts this weekend gave up 300% more goldies than the weekend before last. Yeah $3. Grrrr eftpos!

Targets were few and far between but I did manage to haul this ring up from about 35cm deep on the East end of Kohi yesterday afternoon. Had not planned to hunt there as Max and many others have hit it pretty hard this year but as I was in the area I just had to have a go.

This is how the ring looked when found.

...... and after an overnight in white vinegar and a bit of scraping.

Fits  a 20mm finger. 
It is junk and quite ugly I reckon but someone has loved it no doubt.
Hope you all had better luck out there. :-)


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beach bling

Today was beach hunt day.
I arrived at 11am for low tide about 2pm. The first hour or so on the beach slope was a waste of time but once the water went out far enough so that I could get the E Trac on to the mud flats I started getting more hits..

It turned out to be the day for a few from the Te Tahi club to visit this beach too and it was good to chat with Phil and Jack and compare finds.

My finds for the day were $8 spendable, two large bling rings, a .925 silver pendant of 4.3 grams that looks as though it may have been gold plated when new and a couple of whatzits.

Huge bling 3cm across

It was good to get the silver and some gas money. The weather was fine and I had a really enjoyable hunt.
Might even go back some time soon.

HH all.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Coast to coast

This weekends hunts were really just a dodge the weather if you can situation.
Got out early on Saturday morning and hit Takapuna beach for a change. I know it has been done to death by others but what the heck I had fun . I found a ripple cut and got quite a few hits along it with the air force button below being the best of it, however the cold wind was really powering in and I had to quit before my core temperature dropped to dead. Still the button is in much better condition than those previously found so I left quite happy.

Today was a wild goose chase really as I went to Green Bay seeking a ladies silver necklace that had been lost there while swimming. It was several years ago now so I new success was unlikely but still had to try as there is lots of sentimental value to it for the owner. It was low tide with considerable storm water flowing across the sand and shells as you can see.

I put the E Trac on nearly wide open hoping it would look deeply into the situation but alas there was only copper and lead to be found. Lots of the square pieces of shim copper too. Cant think why.

Total goldies for the weekend = $1
Pretty slack eh. :-)
All good fun.

HH all.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One Dollar Hill

One good thing about metal detecting is that it takes you places you would probably not usually visit.
Last weekend was one of those occasions for me and although I only found one dollar here I did enjoy the early morning  Winter view. Lots of dew on the grass and a slight foggy haze in the valley.
Just thought you may like to share.

Anyone want to guess where it is?
Could be a bit hard perhaps.
Ok well does the next pic help. This pic is looking roughly South.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

10k plus .925 Pandora

Spent a few hours on a beach this afternoon and found this bracelet.

I thought it was a just a nicer piece of bling when it came up out of the sand but on arriving home my daughter said "Oh no that's a Pandora bracelet and they're quite expensive".  So then on looking closer with my glass  I find that the two beads at the right hand end are stamped 10k and 4 of the others are stamped 925. The chain might be silver too.
Whoop de do. Yellow. Suddenly it became a much better result for the day. Prior to that the only targets were a few coins and sinkers and lots of pull tabs. 

There were quite a few people on the beach enjoying the winter sun including a couple of naked guys getting their vitamin D. One of them was spoken to by another (clothed) guy on the beach. I was way to far away to hear what was said but it must have been quite specific cos the naked guy quickly grabbed his clothes and literally sprinted off the beach and up the track. Must have been a bit of a surprise for anyone on the track. Bit of  a giggle really. :-)

HH to all.