Saturday, June 30, 2012

Golden pendant day

Made it out to a park late today. The sun was warm with a cool breeze and I hunted for about 3 hours before it got too dark to feel comfortable. (safe). I was hoping for jewelry as there had been quite a large gathering there a few days ago. As you can see in the pic I got 2 pieces, a bling dolphin ring and the golden pendant. I assume it is a religious item as there is a grey relief  image of  some buddah like person inside. Although the case looks gold I am not too sure whether it is or not. Maybe plated? Comments welcome.

The penny is a dateless Victoria and the half penny 1903. My lucky number $13 of goldies not including the most mowered $2 found to date. Shame the ring was not silver but a very enjoyable hunt all the same.

Thanks for looking.
HH all.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pt Chevalier Beach revisited

Today's weather forecast was great so I decided to go to Pt Chev beach as it is such a nice place to hunt early in the morning. I left home at 7.30 and had to gas up on the way. As you can see in this pic of the X Trail dashboard the outside temp was only 3 degrees at the local Z gas station which is down near sea level.

This cold came as a bit of a shock when I got to the beach as I was hunting in shadow. The sun was up but needed to rise more to get above the Pohutukawa trees growing on the cliff along the length of the beach.  With frozen fingers I persevered for about an hour and was rewarded with this very tarnished silver ring.

By now there were many people walking their dogs along the beach and several times while digging my tear tab quota I was assisted in the hole I had dug by a large wet dog nose. All good fun.  A while later I noticed another 3 detectorists on the beach which is quite unusual. Turned out to be members of the Te Tahi club doing their thing. Although I had heard about this club it was the first time I had met any members while out n about.

I dont think anyone else found much on the beach today which made me feel a bit better about my few trinkets. My total was $5 goldies, 1 silver ring, 1 bling ring, 1 bling cross and a few of other coins.
A very enjoyable morning.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

More 1880's Lead Bullets

Intrigued by yesterdays late 1800's ammo finds I decided to go back and see if there was more there to reveal. No more silver coins or jewelry but more bullets and more bullets. In fact I got tired of digging them and moved on to search the rest of the hillside.

But I did learn a bit more about these bullets. It seems there were two calibers used back then as I found 4 slightly smaller diameter examples.  The larger bullets typically weigh about 32g and these 4 today are only about 28g. Perhaps they were a cheaper shell for target practice? Either of course would have inflicted horrific wounds. Unusually a few of the larger bullets still had the wood plug intact in the rear end too. I have removed one plug in the pic below. The plug was to keep the shape of the bullet as it was being muzzle loaded (rammed). When the bullet fired the thin rear section around the cavity was forced against the barrel walls to engage with the rifling and also increase muzzle velocity. But you probably already knew that eh. :-)

Here is the rest of it.
Wish the R was silver and ice.
The pennies are from the 1930's.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Target Practice 1800's style

Today I went back to another city park that I had not visited for some time and I am glad I did. My hunt was interesting right from the start when I pulled up yet another pot pipe after only about 10 paces. After that the targets came at regular intervals which kept me focused and  I even managed a Silver ring which was welcome as the first ring for a few weekends.

The pic below shows that I found several more of the Enfield .577 calibre lead bullets that often turn up in parks around Auckland. Today I think I must have come across the target practice spot of a military camp as all the bullets were grouped in about a 2 metre circle on a hillside. You will also see on the right of the lower image, that there are several bullets stuck together and I reckon they were in the bulls eye of the target. A soldier back in the late 1800's was a good shot as there are about 5 bullets flattened on top of the first one.

....and that is today's story.

HH all.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Queens Birthday weekend 2012

A total of 9 hours over three hunts this long weekend although great fun brought quite meager results.
The new spot that I thought would be good turned out to be a bummer so wasted time there. That of course is how detecting goes  and next weekend will be much  better for sure for sure.

The picture shows the best of it. One silver shilling, another harness buckle (buckle number 13) with pre decimal and Goldies too.

The oval coin is I think a token that has played too near the railway tracks. Most of the markings are gone but on one side I can just see a standing kiwi facing right with it's beak raised, some fern fronds or similar above it and an oval shaped panel just below the beak. If you recognize this please comment as I am quite curious as to what it might be.

The small "sew on" 4 hopefully will turn out to be from a Military uniform of some sort. I need to research this as the area it was found has had various forces over it since the late 1800's.

No I did not meet the Vice Consul just picked up the card for the trash bin.