Sunday, April 29, 2012

Silver saver

Gee it felt good to be on the beach at 6.30 this morning. I walked for miles up and down for very modest finds but that did not matter. With hindsight I stayed on the beach too long and battery-wise should have moved to the adjacent park sooner as it was much more lucrative with goldies and my second sterling silver ingot. At  5.1g the ingot value is small however at least it meant I could go home with some precious metal which is always my aim.

$15.70 spendable, 2 lead sinkers, 3 ball bearings and the ingot. 

HH all.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anzac day hunt 2012

Hit a beach at daybreak this morning and took care not to wake the couple sleeping on the sand.
The tide was in further than I had hoped. Nevertheless it was such a fantastic morning and I still managed a near new junk ring, several goldies and the religious pendant. Then it was off to a nearby park where the 11.9g silver ring popped up with more goldies and then home for lunch.
The hunting urge was not quite satisfied so I went to another beach in the late afternoon and although very enjoyable it only produced another $3, three fishing sinkers and a junk 3 ringer. All the three's there did you notice.

The silver is the middle ring.

A very enjoyable day with great Autumn weather.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hippo said to Elephant "Lets get lost in the park"

Here is the best of 2 park and 1 beach hunts this weekend.
Both the Hippo and the Elephant were found within "coooee" of the Zoo and I suspect that Elephant may have been gilded when new as there are still some flecks visible.

The badge is a recent drop as is in perfect condition. There is no English writing on it at all. I was told today that it may represent a religious or cultural group from India

The best finds of course were the rings. The 18kt gold was from a beach and the .925 silver from a park. Damn shame that the main stone is missing on the silver ring as whatever colour it was it must have looked really cool with the 6 (hopefully) diamonds down each shoulder.

Also got a 1933 NZ silver sixpence late today and my Goldie coin count for the weekend was very acceptable too. But real Gold is always the most welcome.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today's Whatzit

Had an enjoyable but quite  unrewarding  hunt this morning.
Did find this small whatzit -  does anyone know what it is?
Has a small battery inside and there is a chip visible through the lens.
It is only 10mm diameter.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Black Friday R and R

Just had to go for a short hunt tonight to de stress from the week. Wasn't too worried whether I found much or not so long as I got out n about detecting. Decided on a sports park close to home where I had hunted many times before. The area was in market gardens up until the mid 90"s I think before it became a park which probably explains the 3 larger items below that could be from some horse tack. Perhaps a cart horse do you think? They were all at about 30cm deep. The buckle and the ring are brass and the rosette is steel.

As the shilling has met the mower it will be joining my scrap silver pile. What you don't see here of course is the 20 or so 1 and 2 cent coins that are already in the bin. Not a spectacular hunt but great relaxation.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Hunts all good fun

Got in about 7 hours hunting over the 4 days this Easter holidays plus a road trip of nearly 300k return to a spot that all my research said should have been good but in reality was pathetic. Still I had to try it.

As far as finds go there was the usual medley of  bits n bobs as you can see in the first pic. I posted about the seaman's buttons yesterday.

My first Singapore dollar, a 1903 threepence, 1910 sixpence and a 1942 NZ sixpence were all welcome finds.
The little hook thingee which I think is off a bra or suspender strap was way down deep at the full length of the Lesche and it only got a place in this pic due to the racket it made in my headphones. The Mt Maungonui Senior Citizens badge is between three of the better pieces of junk jewelry.

Then late this afternoon I got a bit excited when this ring popped up.

Doesn't it look good? At first sight I though it was Sapphire and 4 small Diamonds but since cleaning it I am not convinced it is the real thing as it is stamped 825 so I will just have to get it checked out. Nevertheless it was a nice find to end the weekend on. 


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Man of the Sea

I was sitting here with the mumbles today as it is a 4 day weekend and despite 2 quite long hunts, so far, I have little to report. However there was one find that was unresolved in my mind so I got the glass and took a closer look. When I dug this I thought oh yes a cuff link but now that I look closer it is actually two metal buttons tied together with a piece of fine copper wire.

Although both buttons are in quite bad condition one  is of the Union Steamship Company 

and the other is I think from the Royal Navy submarine division as it appears to have the letters C7 on a two tailed triangular flag or pennant.

On reflection I now understand why the two buttons were tied together as I wouldn't mind betting that this represented the whole life of a seafaring Englishman. 

Here is a bit more background information for those who are still reading this story.

From NZ History Online:
Union Steam Ship Company flag

The Union Steam Ship Company (USSCo) was formed in Dunedin in 1875 to take over the fleet of the Harbour Steam Company. A fusion of Otago and Scottish capital, the USSCo was ably led by James Mills and dominated the New Zealand coastal and trans-Tasman trades by the end of the 1870s. In 1890 the company took over the Tasmanian Steam Navigation Co. It also operated mail liners to Vancouver and San Francisco, Pacific Island steamers and a small service to the United Kingdom.
By 1914 the tonnage of the USSCo's fleet exceeded that of the five largest Australian shipping lines combined. The company's market dominance earned it the nickname the ‘Southern Octopus’. The USSCo was sold to the British shipping giant P&O in 1917. It came under joint Australian and New Zealand ownership in 1972 but struggled in the 1990s under Brierley ownership. In 2000 a tug and barge made the last voyage for the 125-year-old Union Steam Ship Company line, which was liquidated shortly afterwards

From Wikipedia

The British C class submarines were the last class of petrol engined submarines of the Royal Navy and marked the end of the development of the Holland-class in the Royal Navy. Thirty-eight were constructed between 1905 and 1910 and they served through World War I.
With limited endurance and only a ten percent reserve of buoyancy over their surface displacement, they were poor surface vessels, but their spindle shaped hull made for good underwater performance compared to their contemporaries.

HMS C7 was a C-class submarine built by VickersBarrow-in-Furness for the Royal Navy. She was laid down on 9 December 1905 and was commissioned on 23 May 1907.

Service history

C7 sunk UC-68 off the Schouwen Bank in the North Sea on 5 April 1917. (She is often mistakenly credited with sinking UC-68 on 5 April 1917 in the North Sea near Schowen, The Netherlands. However, this attack was made against UB-10, which survived.)
UC-68 departed on 10 March 1917 from Flanders for a 10-day patrol, but the boat never returned. UC-68 was most likely destroyed by her own mines on or about 13 March 1917 off Start Point in the English Channel. A wreck located at position 50.19.09N - 03.30.00W is thought to be that of UC-68 but could be that of UC-49.[1]
C7 was sold on 20 December 1919.
He must have had quite a life. I wonder how the buttons got to be buried in an Auckland city park


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Good dog - Bad dog

Today I went detecting.
It was a new park and I found 15 bucks. Cool.
Ok so after that I went looking for another park over in Onehunga.
It wasn't where I thought it was and while driving around looking for it I came across a guy in the middle of an intersection with his dog on a tight lead. Another male dog was circling them and behaving as though it was going to attack the first dog. I stopped my car and grabbed a detector for protection and ran over to try and help. The man was struggling to keep his dog protected while trying to kick the attacking dog away which by now was foaming at the mouth. Bloody scary I tell you. Realizing my input was useless I ran back and got my car and tried to put it between the man with his dog and the bad dog. This had some effect but not enough so I dialed 111.

Meanwhile another guy in a people mover had seen our plight and drove up close with the back door of his car open  Eventually the dog owner manged to get his dog in that wagon and shut the door. I yelled at him to jump in my car which he did real quick. So now I have a police woman on my mobile hearing all the action live and an angry dog with it's paws up on my car looking at me through the window. The situation was a little defused except that we had a dog in one vehicle and it's owner in another and a bad dog circling both cars and there wasn't going to be any police assistance anytime soon.

Fortunately after a phone call the man's son was able to be there quickly in a third vehicle. He then drove up the road with the guy in the people mover to swap over their dog while I stayed put in my car to hopefully keep the bad dog's attention. Thankfully this worked well and the problem was solved without anyone being injured.

You hear about dog attacks in the news or on the TV but you don't feel the terror of the real thing. We were very lucky today that we did not get bitten by that bloody dog. I dont know what type it was -  cross breed I think - light brown and a bit smaller than a Boxer - ugly. (Edit: Been confirmed today that it was a Pit Bull -why do we still have that dangerous breed in NZ??????)

My car which has just done 10,000 km was not so lucky as there are claw scratches all down at least 3 doors.