Sunday, February 26, 2012

0.999 Fine Silver

This morning I just had to go back to the new spot where I found the 1888 shilling yesterday.
As luck would have it I am very pleased that I did as this is what I recovered.
A 1889 English sixpence and a silver pendant and chain. The pendant contains a 0.999 fine Silver ingot from NZ Mint. The chain is 0.925 and was already broken but looks as though it is repairable. I don't think the ingot has a lot of value, but it sure beats dog tags n pennies. All up the chain and ingot weigh 10.7grams

I was out for 4 hours and here is the best of the rest of it.
Somehow managed another  2 Australian pennies and a AU$1 just like yesterday. Lots of English and NZ pennies including  a very rough 1867 English plus $14 goldies and the Spitfire.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

All the eights - 1888

Hit my current favorite park at 7am today to try out a new spot before Saturday schoolboy sports got underway.  Found a few goldies and pennies initially and then up popped an 1888 English Jubilee shilling in very worn condition. You can just see Victoria's head in the pic below. No matter I will take them worn or mint and at least it confirms that the spot is worth more visits. At about 8.30am there was a sudden inflow of  people so I moved camp to a nearby spot to try my luck again. I thought the heart pendant was junk till I noticed the 925 on the attachment so I guess the plating could be gold. Pity so much has gone. 

Here is a pic from the net of what the shilling should look like.

.... and here is the full hunt including another Aussie $1 and 1916 penny. The shaft of the key is 9.5cm long suggesting the door must have been quite massive and the wee bear made a good alternative to a knucklebone.
I enjoyed this hunt today and hope you all had a good one too.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

1930's School hunt

Recently I managed to get permission for Max and I to hunt the field area of a 1930's school that Max had spied. We were mainly interested in the tree lines that surround 3 sides of the field. Today was our second hunt and for a total of about 7.5 hours over the two hunts these were the items I recovered.

There seemed to be a never ending supply of pennies available down deep. 
Of the 47 dug  (I need the exercise) 3 were Australian, 22 English and 22 New Zealand. The oldest penny was 1900 and I also fluked a 1938 penny and half penny which was the year the school opened. They are English coins as NZ did not mint anything in 1938. 

The half crown has featured in a previous post however I was pleased to get another 2 silvers today to bring the total to 6 silver coins. The Goldie count for both of us was very low and we know why, as at least one other hunter (without permission) has been ejected by the Principal. 

Wouldn't it be great if more hunters would realize that schools are not a public domain to protect the reputation of this great hobby. So far I have asked schools 3 times and got a yes twice.  2 out of 3 ain't bad eh.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

50 Pesos n Silver

Fifty pieces of silver - I wish.
These last 2 weekends have been great in that I have been out hunting about 5 times altogether but somehow the result is nottasogood  for finds to show here. Nevertheless I am happy to just be out there doing it and still looking forward to the next hunt.  Yesterday I was pleased to give Brett a hand with a jewelry recovery on Mission bay. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful which may have been because the items were lost 3 weeks ago (this beach is searched daily) but it was quite cool to see two E Tracs in tandem pounding other goodies from the sand.

My best finds were 2 English and 2 NZ silver sixpences from last weekend and a silver earring from today.

Four dollars in Australian goldies, too many penny's and perhaps a little unusual for Auckland a 50 pesos from Chile also popped up.

HH all.

Monday, February 6, 2012

English silver coin set No:1

Capturing the Gothic Florin last week has completed my first set of English silver by coin value.
It would be great to have sets by date or reign or even century but that is for another day. Meanwhile I am calling this a set. :-)

1915 half crown - 1871 Gothic florin - 1917 shilling - 1922 sixpence - 1906 thruppence

With a bit of luck I may find a florin from the 19th soon to get them all in the same century. Other silver coins I have found so far are listed on my Coins Finds  page on this blog.