Sunday, January 29, 2012

Silver Snuff n Stuff

Up before the birds this morning and on site in the park at 6am just before sunrise to allow time to get a good bit of hunting done before the various sports activities commenced.
I had a great time with goodies popping up at regular intervals keeping the interest high. The best items of the day were all silver.

1851 Gothic Florin , 1934 NZ shilling, 1838 silver snuff box, .925 ring with plum coloured stone and a Takapuna Grammar School lapel badge. With good goldies as well you won't be surprised that I am a happy camper again.

I thought the pendant with charms was silver at first but alas no. I suppose the big clue there had to be that it was in the same hole as the plastic heart. :-)   I have decided the oval thing in the middle is a Carbonette.

Wikipedia says -
In 1851, the English florin was redesigned in a most unusual way. The diameter was increased to 30 millimetres, and all the lettering on the coin was in Gothic script, resulting in it being known as the Gothic florin. The date was rendered in Roman numerals. The inscription on the obverse read (e.g.) victoria d g britt reg f d mdcccli ( F D – Fidei Defensor, defender of faith), while the reverse read one florin one tenth of a pound. The Gothic Florin was produced each year until 1887 (mdccclxxxvii).

Well it is very worn on both sides - but still an 1871 florin. 

The snuff box or Victorian Silver Vinaigrette as one antique site called it, is not in good shape but I am still very pleased to have found it. Made in England  around 1838 by Francis Clark Silversmiths. 
I don't know whether Takapuna Grammar still issues this silver lapel badge or not. I guess not.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Anyone recognize this?

Yesterday while out n about I found this token in a park.
The pics below are  not that crash hot but I thought may be just good enough for someone to recognize it.
It is probably copper, larger than a penny at approx 33mm (1 and 5/16 inches)  and as you can see in bad shape.
The figure appears to be a female standing, dressed in a long gown looking left. Her right hand is raised and holding a small jar or chalice. Her left hand is lowered and possibly feeding a Goose or Swan. I believe I can see a date of 186 something below her feet.

The obverse has lots or printed words. Too many for a coin. Unfortunately, although you can see where they are, they are so rusted they are no longer legible to me.

I am sure it has no value but it would be good to ID it all the same. (And we have - scroll down)

Well within 30mins of posting this I had a reply back from Grant on Waiheke Island who provided me with  excellent directions and information and this is what I found on the Museum of Victoria site. Thanks Grant and the MoV.

Copper One Penny Token minted by Heaton & Sons, Birmingham. Issued by H. Ashton, Haberdashery, Auckland, 1863. Ashton was a haberdasher and tailor and issued halfpenny and penny tokens between 1858 and 1863.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Update on first Gold ring

As I now have scales I can tell you the weight of the gold ring found last weekend is 8.2g of 18k.
Should be worth a few bucks but as it is my first gold ring I think it will be a keeper for some time.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Old Gold n Silver

It was back to Watch park this morning at 6.15am.
Although the hunt started out a bit slow it turned out to be my best fun hunt ever.

In the first hour I found  a junker steel ring, a few goldies and some old decimals.
Then as I worked my way around the site I started getting a few more goldies and several penny's when suddenly there was a good strong tone with unusual numbers and on digging I found this 18k gold ring at about 8cm deep. It is my first gold ring and what a beauty!

The hallmarks suggest it is quite old  at 1863 which is 140 years ago. 

I continued hunting in a semi shocked state and within another 15 minutes these two silver shillings popped up.

By now it was raining quite heavily and with a plastic bag over the E Trac console I moved in under some largish trees to try and work off the rush from the gold. Slim chance of that as I just got more goldies including a 4 coin pocket spill. Eventually the rain became just too much and I had to reluctantly retreat to the car.

Here is the total catch for the day.

Eleven penny's were found and unusually 5 are from the 1800's the oldest being 1880. Also found my oldest English halfpenny at 1902.  The American Dime was an eyeball find and the oval tag is from the Australia Zoo. I even found a hot rock. Total spendable was $17.20.
All in all great fun in the rain.

Friday Express

At home after work last Friday night wanting to hunt but where?
Suddenly remembered a row of trees beside a sports park that I had noted a month or two back. So although it was nearly dark I shot down there to check it out. A Pisces sterling charm plus $4.00 plus new wheels in an hours hunting isn't too bad so I think it will be worth going back soon .

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Last holiday morning

Today is my last day of annual holidays and I was hoping for a whiz bang multiple finds type of morning hunt.
Instead I did a lot of walking in the park for the grand return of 12 bucks and a badge from the Hanoi University of Vietnam which I thought was a bit unusual.

Several area's of this park were always going to be long shots for finds and it was good to tick them off today so I can move on at the next visit.  

Thursday, January 12, 2012

.375 number one

Yesterday I decided to try a beach at low tide looking for jewelry and ended up wasting a couple of hours for a total of $1.20 in cash instead. On the way home I needed more so stopped at a place to try and kill the hunting urge. About 2 hours and $14 later and just as I was about to go to the car a massive signal.
I looked down and nestled in the grass was a goodly lump of 9ct. Prefer not to say what it is at present as it is now residing in the Cop Shop doing 3 months time unless it is claimed.

Here is a section pic unfortunately not handled too well by my camera's Macro -

Now seeking number two.

Monday, January 9, 2012

3 Park Marathon

Today  I hooked up with Max to hunt some parks he was keen to check out. We were out for 6 hours and hunted 3 parks where there were some good targets and a lot of junk too, especially cans down deep which fooled me several times. It was a good change to hunt with a buddy as the hunting seemed less intense although still focused. Max found the most goldies and I found a couple of silvers so it turned out quite even really.

We did get a friendly caution from a very diplomatic local cultural minder about a "no dig policy in the Orakei Domain unless you are accompanied by an archaeologist". First I have heard about that, but there you go boys n girls be aware for the future.

As you can see in the pic my best finds were the 1934 half crown and the .925 silver ring. The lead battle wagon toy was my most unusual find.

Doesn't seem much loot for 6 hours out n about and that is how it goes some times eh.
Really pleased with the silver though.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Halfpenny Trio

The halfpenny had little value in it's day but I think the art design still has a certain appeal. Here are 3 that I have pulled from my finds of last year.

Cooks Endeavor - Britannia - Maori Tiki 

George VI - Edward V11 - Elizabeth II

Friday, January 6, 2012

Five hour hunt

Today I had a 8am start in a park that I visit quite often. Finding a 1943 silver Florin in the first 5 minutes sure put me in  a good mood. Found 4 pieces of silver altogether being the florin, an English 1906  3 pence, an English 1887 something (possibly 6 pence but quite worn) and a small silver brooch. Oldest penny for the day was a very rough 1878.

The men's Citizen watch was a surprise and as it was quite shallow I hope it may still work. This is the 3rd watch from this park in as many weeks. The large earing is stainless. The blank shell is a .303 CAC C II but I cant ID the really small shell. I suppose it is from a starting pistol or similar.
Total spendable $39.50
I do enjoy a hunt where you get a good mix of stuff and today I think I did.

Here is the small silver brooch. I imagine all the center was blue at one time.
There are hallmarks on the reverse  that reveal it was made in Birmingham in 1934 by James Fenton & Co. This brooch found it's way to New Zealand only to be lost in a  park in the city of Auckland where it was found by an amateur metal detectorist on a fine Friday morning. I have to wonder who was wearing it, when and what were they doing in the park. 
If you have any more info on this item then please leave a comment as I think it could also have been a badge.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Roundup

2011 was my first year of Metal Detecting as a hobby.
The following images are a review of the best of my finds for the year and I have to admit I am pretty happy with what I found. The first 3 months were using an Ace 250 until I got my E Trac in April.

The rings on the hand and the silver group below it are from various parks n beaches and all items to the left are from the same park site. I spent a lot of time in that park. The closest I came to "Gold" was the two gold plated silver bangles and one of them as you can see is quite stuffed.

Here are the Silver rings from all hunts.

and last but not least here is The Fleet of 2011 -

Not shown is the scrap metal, mostly lead, yet to be sorted and cashed in or the foreign coins of which there were quite a few.

My wish list for 2012 - well just more will be fine.

Thanks for looking.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Milford beach first for 2012

This morning I visited Milford beach and although a Southerly breeze it was good to share the beach with every kind of dog known to man. I suppose the low tide at 8.30 on this holiday suited many families to take their dog for a good run. Biggest "walkies" I think I  have ever seen. One black n white Collie was particularly impressive at low flying high speed on to the tennis ball. :-)

Finds unfortunately were meager however the 2012 Fleet is off to a really good start with this Citroen classic.

Model: Avant ,1898cc embossed underneath.