Saturday, December 31, 2011

Final 2011 hunt

At 4pm today the clouds parted, the rain stopped and the sun shone through.
I couldn't resist and by 4.05pm I was in the X Trail and on the way to another park not far from home. I went straight to a tree line that I drive past every day on the way to work and I am pleased I did.

Only got one hour before more rain but I did get this button -

It is my first NZ Airforce button and first pre WW2 button as well.
At least I think it is pre WW2. Please comment if you think otherwise.

Here is the remainder of the one hour looting -

Tomorrow if the weather improves it will be my first 2012 beach hunt.
Happy New Year to all.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wind powered detecting

Those of you who read yesterdays blog will know that in that hunt I came up $2 short on my goldies target for the year so today the pressure was on with the weather deteriorating.

I decided to go to the well hunted local park and hope for a pocket spill from a sports function I had noticed there yesterday. Well my hunch was right and I did get a $3 pocket spill. Hunting was quite tricky in the open space due to the zillion kph winds that were rocketing through. Downwind I was getting pushed along like a runaway footpath sign and upwind I had to lean forward to stay upright with the wind pressure on the detector making it really hard to swing. Must have looked like the village idiot to any onlookers. All adds to the fun eh. The main thing is I achieved my target and so now the weather can precipitate as much as it likes between now and year end.

I did manage a few other goodies today as well -

A closer look at the ring and small button. The ring is silver and Paua and the button I think is aluminium.
The ring was at about 10 cm but the wee button was way down at 20cm.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Before the rain arrives

Went hard on the goldies today trying to achieve a target for the year. Couldn't get to count up till I got home and bugger it I missed by $2. There are only 2 days of the year left and it is predicted to rain on both days so I guess a wet hunt is next to get that elusive $2.
Anyway got another silver shilling for the silver pile. Hmm maybe pile is exaggerating - lets say for the little heap of silver.
And 3 more wagons for the fleet.

Oldest penny found today is 189?
Gee I seem to have dug a lot of pennies this month.

HH all.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Must be Summer

It must be Summer now because today I went to a beach to detect.
Felt kinda weird using a mini shovel in the soft sand instead of the Lesche tool to dig holes in the soil and clay.
I was pleased to get $16.20 spendable and a 0.925 silver ring for the first beach hunt since last season.
Roll on Summer - this is the year for Gold. (he says hopefully)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas day walkabout

After a very tasty steak lunch on Christmas day there was a lull in activities so I grabbed the opportunity to go detecting for about an hour and a half at a local park. Feeling the need for some exercise I decided to walk the extremities of the park while not expecting to find much at all as I have been here many times before.  Apart from a couple of young guys hooning up and down on a mini motorbike I had the park almost to myself. Hot sun , gentle breeze and enough finds to keep me interested. My present to me.

This park is used by quite a lot of golfers practicing their swing and I assume the sinkers are from guys practicing their Surf casting. The golf ball was an eyeball and both the sinkers were at about 100mm.
4.30 pm came around way too fast as that was time to go and clean up for our evening Christmas dinner at  a city hotel.
A great day - family , nice food and detecting.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

City park hook up

Last evening I met up in a city park with Drunk Brother (Max) from the Pay Dirt forum for a dual hunt.
The area we started off in turned out to be very lean on targets and as the park was so big we eventually became quite widely separated  in our focused search for treasure. Fortunately we both had our mobiles to communicate.

One item I found did get me going a bit when I saw the crown and the words Sir John something ... through the mud

Turns out from my Google research that he was not a Sir at all. 
Sir John Bennett Ltd was an 'Arts and Crafts' maker of the Victorian and Edwardian era. The company made clocks, watches, silver tableware and china dinnerware and eventually plated cutlery. It seems they would approach leading manufacturers of the time to make product under the Sir John Bennett brand. Just an early example of the House brands we see in the supermarkets today. 

The rest of my finds were some goldies of course, a British one pound and a little junk.

Another enjoyable hunt for fun and fortune. Tee hee.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nurse in the Park

Raining all day today so at about 3pm I just said to hell with it I'm going detecting.
Re visited one of the parks I had hunted recently and had a great time finding lots of stuff.
Here is the total take -

and here are the best bits - 

I looked for the nurse but alas she was not to be found :-) 

Despite the weather this weekend I have got my best ever goldie count with $38 today and about $72 all up. The stuff has to be there to be found of course but I think at long last I am driving the E Trac much better as I seem to be finding coins with all sorts of  FE - CO numbers.


Edit: For those who don't get it and there have been a few. The watch is a Nurses watch.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eyes down and looking now.

The 1930 penny is one of the rarest Australian coins, due to a very small number being minted[1]. It is highly sought after by coin collectors, and a 1930 penny in very fine condition can be worth A$45,000 or more.[2]

Could make your day eh! ;-)


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Park Treeline reveals

Gee I really look forward to my Friday night after work hunts. Turned my ET on at 4.39 pm yesterday and got a real buzz when within 2 paces I had a $2 in the bag. The rest of the hunt was good too finding a total of $26.50 spendable. It all came from a tree line I had spotted a while back that was between a park and a school.  Also got the obligatory knucklebone and a whatzit that I am sure I have seen before but just can't place it. Perhaps one of you will know what it is.

Another bonus was several pieces of copper water pipe chopped neatly into lengths by the mowers that would fit in my belt pouch to bring home for my scrap metal bin.