Sunday, November 27, 2011

Australian Theme Dollars

In response to your comment Grant here is a pic of the 2 themed Australian dollars I have so far.

Shiney eh!

Only 15 to go now-

Apparently these are just the circulated ones

1986: International Year of Peace (25,200,000) 
1988: Figure with Koori Kangaroo for 200 years of English colonisation (21,600,000) 
1993: Landcare Australia (18,200,000) 
1996: Sir Henry Parkes (26,200,000) 
1997: Sir Charles Kingsford Smith coin A (24,400,000) 
1999: Year of Older Persons (29,300,000) 
2001: 100 years of Federation (27,900,000) 
2001: International Year of the Volunteer (6,000,000) 
2002: Year of the Outback (35,400,000) 
2003: Centenary of women's suffrage (10,000,000) 
2003: Australia's Volunteers (4,100,000) 
2005: The Dancing Man - 60 years since World War II (34,200,000) 
2007: APEC Australia 2007 (20,100,000) 
2008: Centenary of Scouting (17,200,000)

(Just been told about more) - 

Add to that 
2009: Centenary of Commonwealth Age Pension
2010: Centenary of Girl Guides Australia
2011: CHOGM Perth, Australia


Election weekend

The assets I recovered during this Election weekend are from 2 parks revisited.
Did quite well on the goldies at $36 plus 1 Euro, 1 Australian Centenary of Womens Suffrage $1, 1 Aussie penny and one 1915 English thruppence.  Also the usual clad and a few quite sick pennies and halfpennies.
The bronze object at the back of the image next to the buckle is I think off a wrought iron railing.

 Probably fair to say that the finds are a bit ho hum  this weekend although I am quite pleased with the goldie count. Nevertheless it is just so exhilarating  to be in a park early on these fine spring mornings with the warm sun on your back as you search among the mature trees while dodging the occasional dog pooh.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New park - Good stuff

My hunt this afternoon was in a park that I have had my eye on for a while and today I decided I could handle working in front of the many park visitors. Glad I did cos the result was quite good and I will be going back as soon as I can.

$16 in spendable and a 1934 silver Florin bringing my total pieces of silver to 4 for the weekend.
Here is the looking bit -

Joseph if you need your badge back just give me a call.
HH all.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another .925 watch back

Shot out at 7 this evening for an hour plus.
Back to a park not visited for some time and managed to find a small silver ring and another silver pocket watch back. Well it is not actually the back but an internal cover plate. At 40mm diameter this one is larger than the first one I found back in August.

This watch plate could be from the Ameircan Waltham Watch Co. When I punched in the serial number 5203 this chart came up:

First:5201 Last:5500
Model:1857Name:A T & Co
Material:PGrade:A.T.& Co., NL
Jewelling:4 1/2 PairsJewels:16-18
Balance:Gold Steel BalanceBal:Gold-Exp.

I have no idea what the round black thingee on the left of the pic is. Thought it was the head of a smokers pipe at first but it has a solid metal centre.

Deep silver dammit

Last nights hunt was quite uneventful having after about 3 hours only found two $1 goldies and about  25 one and two cent pieces. Just about to call it quits for the night when a tone caught my attention and I decided to dig. To my surprise at about 35 to 40cm out popped this old style bangle. I think that is the deepest I have ever dug in a park. Dam shame that it is so damaged though as the mark on the inside says 9ct SILLINE which I assume means a silver bangle electroplated with 9ct Gold.

Got me thinking though - what else is at 40cm in this park?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Silvery dime weekend

A NZ 1946 shilling and an English 1917 thruppence were my best finds this weekend. Not a lot but I will gladly take it and the Dime too

Here is the whole take for the weekend. Clad prevails again.
One Aussie Kangaroo penny and 3 NZ halfpennies too. The A and the 1 were not attached to a letterbox.

Brain teaser:         Metal detecting is .......... 

Thanks for looking.