Sunday, October 30, 2011

English silver up close

A couple of closeup's of the English silver I found this month. Going back soon seeking more.

1915 English Half Crown

1913 and 1922 English sixpence's

October the Silver season

It really has been the season of silver for me this month.
I have found 17 coins, 1 ring and 2 pieces of unknown silver that fortunately were still marked silver.
All but 2 coins came from the same park.
The breakdown is-
English = 1915 Half Crown,  1913 and 1922 sixpence, 1916 and very worn Victorian? thruppences.
NZ = 1946 Half Crown, 1937 Florin, one 1933 and three 1934 Shillings, 1933, 1945 x 2 and 1946 sixpences, 1946 thruppence.

Seemed to dig lots of 1c,2c, penny's and half penny's too.
Perhaps that's how it is - if you want silver dig copper. 
Did OK on the goldies but not quite as good as last month.
Thanks for looking.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Check your half crowns n florins

Evening Post, Volume CVIII, Issue 125, 22 November 1929

Article image

Article image

Article image

Article image

Article image

(With thanks to Papers Past.)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

More Friday Fun

Jumped ship really early today as there was not much happening at work before the holiday weekend.
Went to my local park and hunted from 3.30pm till 8pm. A long hunt. Almost gave it away at around 6pm when the detector battery ran dry but as I had not found anything other than clad I was determined to carry on and get a result.

I am sooo glad I chose to keep on trying as this is what I found a short while later about 2 metres from where I found the Florin on the previous visit.

I must admit that I sat there gob smacked for a while when it popped up. I did not recognize it and had no water available to wash off the dirt to see what it was. It is of course an English 1915 Half Crown.
Whoopdedoo repeating.

Here is the rest of the hunt minus the rubbish

As you can see there are 13 pre decimal pennies, half pennies and quite a lot of clad. The oldest penny is 1913 and half penny 1919.

The item below the half crown is I think the centre of a military button. There is a crown at the top, then ER with some latin around it and at the bottom it says Royal Engineers. I need to research it to try and ID it unless any one can do so already. Below the button is a wee badge from Illinos. 

That was my hunt today. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Silver and Rain

The Met service rain radar showed two rain banks coming in with a gap between after work tonight. I decided to hunt in that gap but the second cloud came in thick n fast and guess who got wet. But I did not care about that because while hunting in the rain I found my first silver Florin  (1937).  Been hoping for one of these for ages now.

Found quite deep at around 20cm / 8" with the E Trac on high sens.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friday follow up

I have managed to ID the wafer thin English 3 pence I found in the park on Friday as I can see enough markings under the loupe. I just wish it was in better condition and looked like this example I found on the net -

Victoria Jubilee Thruppence 1890

Got another hour in the same area tonight in the dark and the rain (idiot) and found a couple more goodies between the clad. One $1 goldie, one silver1916 thruppence, a 1938 penny and a bling charm which looked like silver in the dim light. 


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Fun with Silver

Went back to the same park as Friday night and hunted from 5.30 till 8.45.
Used the same settings on the E Trac to  try and see if Friday's silver finds were a fluke or not.
The first couple of hours were quite frustrating as all I was finding were 1 and 2 cent coins. I decided to stick with the settings for a bit longer and I am glad I did as a short while later the silver ring popped up and a couple of goldies soon followed. The find of the night was the silver Half Crown, Shilling and a Sixpence all in the same hole with a Penny. Whoopdedoo in the dark. Guess my new settings for the E Trac are OK after all.

When the sliver ring came out of the ground I thought I had broken the other small ring as it fell apart in my hands. After washing it I found it was actually a hinged silver ring with a push together clasp. I assume it was used to attach to a necklace or chain. So the tally is 9 pieces of Silver in 2 days. Happy chappie now.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fun with Silver

It has been a busy week so I decided to close up at 4pm today and go detecting, arriving at the park at about 4.05 keen as.

This time I set up the E Trac a bit  differently to my usual as I would again be on ground that I have been over lots before.  I decided to set the sensitivity much higher at 20 on the manual setting and the main screen on Relics. Then I reset Quick Mask so that all that screen was black except roughly the top right quarter. 

Well I will be using these settings again as they were really fun. Relics was showing me everything that was there and then Quick Mask helped make quicker decisions on whether to dig or not. The trade off with the sens that high was that I dug heaps of 1 and 2 cent coins - 26 altogether - but thankfully only about 4 tear tabs due to Quick Mask. Perhaps I am finally getting to grips with this machine as I have tried similar settings before but not so successfully.

I hunted till 8pm when the detector battery died and I am really pleased with the result.
4 pieces of Silver, $6 goldies, 2 NZ Forces buttons, an Aussie $2 (which means they will come second in Sundays game), a 1896 English penny and a 1915 English half penny.

Here is a closer look at the silver. 
Two English Sixpences and an English 3p. The 3p is wafer thin but I can just see the big 3 on one side and Victoria's head with crown looking left on the other. No date visible - any idea's anyone?
The other piece of silver appears to be the base of something small, perhaps a figurine as the break away mark on it is shoe shaped.

I really enjoyed this hunt. Brain want's to get out there again. Body says wait a while.
Thanks for looking.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A new ground weekend

This weekend has seen 2 meager results at 2 new parks visited and one pleasing result at another.
I really need new area's to hunt so I have been trying a few spots to see if I can find some that have not been pounded by others. Quite hard in Auckland as there are many detectorists out there. At 3pm today I had a silver shilling, a silver 3 pence and not much else. Fortunately the last park late this afternoon looks quite promising and today gave up 16 bucks in spendables.

So the tally for the weekend is $26 goldies, 1 silver shilling, 1 silver 3 pence, a couple of dog tags belonging to Tedd and Wallace, a grasshopper broach, a medal ribbon whatzit, the usual clad and a marble.

The round steel label, top left, is from B.I.C Ltd, Prescot, England who manufactured electric cable until about 1975. This label is dated 1927. The item was 200 amp cable and weighed 136 lbs  .

Thanks for looking.