Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lots of input for 3 silver.

This weekend I decided to take a road trip to Northwestern territory to try my luck.
I must congratulate whoever has recently cleaned out or perhaps regularly maintains the domain at Riverhead as it is clean as a whistle. No goldies at all - I came away with 8c - oh yeah. To be fair there was a game of rugby on and so there were a couple of area's I would have liked to have searched had there been no spectators. Still I enjoyed watching the rugby and I had not been to Riverhead for years so it was an enjoyable outing.

From other regular haunts I was pleased to get 3 more silvers and $19.70 spendable along with a new oldest English penny at 1891. Found 5 x 5c in one hole and all the little buckles in another. The wee ring was found at dusk and got me going a bit as it looked like my first gold in the dim light but no it's just another piece of plated junk. Didn't find any knucklebones this weekend. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.
Looking forward to next weekend already.
HH all.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Finds Data

The graph below shows a basic breakdown of 500 coins found by metal detecting in parks and beaches around Auckland city. These coins are all from the first series of NZ decimal coins introduced in July 1967 and then either terminated or replaced by July 2006.  The 1c and 2c were the first to go in 1989. 

The orange Unknown entry on the chart reflects the poor quality of the metal used to make the smaller coins as the dates were totally obliterated on many, however the number known to have been minted would suggest an even spread of finds over the 70's and 80's on the 1c and 2c.

I did this laborious exercise to see if any trends or conclusions would appear  in relation to loss patterns or maybe re depositing expectations but no such luck.

The chart data probably only confirms what we already knew in that size does matter and the small coins get lost the most. The size / loss gradient is almost perfect except for the 20c which we lost in big numbers during the 1980's. In fact the 80's must have been a affluent decade as the numbers are bigger on most coins. 

If you can extract any other information then your comments are welcome.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saved by the Dolphin

Not a lot to report this weekend. Only managed a couple of hours this Sunday afternoon and due to time restraints that was back at the park I have been over sooooo many times now. For some reason the curse of the clad was upon me as I kept getting  B#*%!<?  1 and 2 cent pieces, 20 in all plus 5 pennies and an Australian 1936 halfpenny. Still I have a nice new Red car, a little brass leg off something and half a Prefects badge. At least I think it is a cut off P on the badge as if it was an F on it then Frefects doesn't work somehow.

The $5 Goldies kept me sane between all the clad and the day was saved by the tiny silver Dolphins tail charm stamped .925.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fathers Day 2011 - Late entry hunt.

At around 3pm today I still had the hunting thirst despite being out all morning. To try and quench my thirst I went to a local Soccer park where I had seen many depositors on Saturday morning but alas a 60 minute hunt there only yielded another $3 in Goldie's  so then it was on to the large sports park I regularly visit.  Within about 10 minutes I had found a 1917 English silver shilling. Whoopdedoo. A short while later a 1933 NZ silver shilling and just as I decided to pack it in for the day I found a silver bracelet. There was of course quite a lot of trash dug too and also about 15 clad coins and another sinker.

Here are the goodies.

This last hunt brought the total for the weekend to 3 silver shillings, $38 Goldie's , 3 sinkers and a knucklebone.
All good fun.

Fathers Day hunts 2011

Today is Sunday and as of last Friday night I had not been hunting for 13 days. So I was pretty keen when on Friday evening I got to the sports park after work for another light then dark hunt.  Only a short hunt but the patch I have been hitting again and again gave me $9 in Goldie's and a fishing sinker so I went home happy.

Today's hunt was back to a park in Onehunga to finish off an area I couldn't get to at the last visit and then off to a couple of waterfront spots seeking pocket spills where people picnic. As you can see in the pic I had a really good morning with one silver shilling, $26 Goldie's and some clad and another sinker.

While in the field I received a telecommunication from home regarding my arrival and as I was just finishing anyway I cruised home quickly to find my daughter had prepared home made waffles with fresh fruit for Fathers Day lunch. A very welcome surprise to end a good mornings hunt.