Monday, August 22, 2011

Swastika badge

A couple of closeup's of the Swastika badge found last weekend.
Although it has Gilt stamped on the back I cant tell if it is a genuine military badge of just a piece of jewellery.
Perhaps others may know.

It is a bit knackered eh. There is a small area of Gilt still visible on the reverse.

I thought it was a bit of an unusual item to find at a Croquet court whether real or imitation.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lead soldiers and other stuff

Today I visited a small inner city beach and nearby park for the first time.
Decided not to chase goldies (yeah right) and look for foreign coins instead.  So after setting up the E Trac on to foreign coins hunting commenced at 8.05 on the beach. Should have been 6.05 to catch the low tide but sleep prevailed.

There must have been an Englishman, a Canadian, a Fijian and a Kiwi all having a bet on the beach cos they all left their coins behind in the same spot. Actually the Canadian might have cheated as he left 2 coins.

The Allen key set cant have been on the beach too long as it is in reasonable condition and a CRC soak or similar would I expect do the trick. Free to a good home anybody.

The Swastica, lead soldier, token and tin label all came from the park. The Swastica has Gilt stamped on the back and a little gold is still visible. I assume that it would have been quite an expensive badge in it's time.
The tin label says Sterling 25g. Would that have been a Cigar pack perhaps?? The token is still soaking.

The foreign coins were an English 10 pence, a Fiji 10 cents and 2 Canadian 25 cents with one being a 2010 Winter Olympics version. Perhaps we should have done that for the RWC !


Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Half n Half

Left work at 4 and tried to rush home to go detecting but the traffic had other plans and so I did not get on site till about 5pm.  Hunted for about 2 hours. One in daylight and one in the dark.
Tonight I tried setting the E Trac as suggested for high trash hunting by Andy Sabisch in his Minelab book that came with the machine.  Seemed to work quite well as it found all the stuff in the image below from an area I had hunted at least 10 times before. He recommends " Pitch hold" for the tones response and that takes quite a bit of getting used to over the regular tone I usually use. Does give a different style of separation so might persevere for a couple more outings.

The wee ring got me going a bit but its just bling. Dug 16 coins altogether and quite a lot of iron trash and some can slaw too. Most stuff around 12cm deep except for the badge at around 5cm. The badge is a bit out of place as I don't think there has ever been pistol shooting in this park.

 The cold night air was so exhilarating at first but after a while the hypothermia sign started flashing and I eventually had to speak firmly to myself and go home.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mysterious Silver update 1

Well I now know the disc I found is from a pocket watch similar to the one above.
The 2 holes would appear to be for adjusting the mechanism.  The Longines1878 manufactured date also seems to be correct. If I find the rest of it I will be sure to post but don't hold your breath OK.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Park Church

Outbound 8.00 today. 10 degrees C . Went straight to a sports park in a more affluent suburb than I have been hunting lately. Hunted till about 2.30 with only a couple of stops for showers passing through. I think I have pushed it a bit too hard though as the body is sore already not to mention the wind burnt face. But that's detecting and I had a ball. I'm happy with the finds too - 1 silver ring, $17 goldies, 4 pennies oldest 1920, halfpenny 1941, 2 shillings not silver and some clad and some lead for the scrap bin.
Hope you all enjoyed your hunting today too.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mysterious Silver

Last weekend I dug a small shiny disc that was folded almost in half.
I was about to put it in the trash bag when I noticed two holes on  it with engravings around them.

Well I took it home and washed it up and to my complete surprise found it marked with 0,935 and several other marks on the inside face. It is 35mm in diameter.

I have been attempting to ID it via Google of course and although I cant be sure but it could be the back of a Longines timepiece from 1878. Note I said could be.   I entered the serial number on one site and that was the result.
The curious thing is though what are the two holes for?
So any idea's anyone?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

4 Outings - lots of diggin

Well this weekend I have managed 4 hunts since Friday afternoon when I had to pick up my son  from school at 3.15pm. Gave myself the rest of the day off and went detecting till about 6pm. Two more evening hunts and Sunday morning for a bit made up the 4. On every hunt I found very little until it started getting dark when the better finds started popping up. Quite weird really.

My Lesche tool has a real shine on it tonight having dug soooo many holes this weekend. Bloody tear tabs of the older variety mainly. Still lots of fun and as you can see in the pic some reward for the effort.

One 1937 Shilling found late today was very welcome. The ring beside it may be silver but has no markings so I am not counting on that. Don't know what the rectangular item is by the knife point or the disc thingee below.

I was in a playground this morning and this Asian guy comes up to me and gives me a wallet. He had very little English but it seems he had found it where his kids were playing and was not sure what to do with it. Anyway I took it home and had a rummage through it, found a name and address which led me to a phone number and so the somewhat surprised young man will be calling for it tomorrow.