Sunday, July 31, 2011

In the dark again

My wife has unfortunately broken her wrist recently and this has severely reduced my detecting time as I have been so busy with taking over all the housekeeping for the family as well as running the business.  However I saw a gap in the traffic today and managed to get out a little after 3 this afternoon.  Decided with the short time available I would just go back to the sports park and re hunt  the area where I found the silver half crown a week or two back.

The warm late afternoon sun made hunting really pleasant. The finds were not huge as expected as I have been over this patch at least 3 times before. Dug and removed quite a lot more of the general trash hoping to expose the deeper good stuff for another time. Before long it was quite dark and I kept going till about 6.30. I have decided one thing - I like it in the dark. Everything seems more focused somehow.

Found the oldest penny for this site so far - 1908, another pre 1912 .303 shell case, the smoking apparatus and a metal ball that is not a lead sinker. This ball is either steel or cast iron and will probably go to the unidentified file with the copper one found some time ago.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

.303 shell case - update

I found these .303 shell cases a week or two ago and at the time I was quite surprised at the amount of corrosion on an item that is probably brass or a brass composite of some grade. This pushed me to try and get a date fix on them and I believe I have that now.

Through the corrosion it is just possible to see the headstamp which says -
C  A  C  around the top of the head and around the bottom      C     VI

Many of you will know that the letters CAC are the brand of the Colonial Ammunition Company established here in Auckland in 1885  by a Major John Whitney who had Government encouragement due to the Russian scare. Although the factory went some years ago the Shot tower still stands on the factory site in Mt Eden.

With Google's help I have found that VI is a Mark or version and that WW2  .303 cartridges were mostly Mark VII.

The date fixer for these shells is the letter C which stands for Cordite propellant and Cordite was used pre 1912 so these two shells are pre WW1.  No doubt it is the Cordite that has started the corrosion after firing.

I think I am on the trail of who may have fired them too but that's for another day.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Silver Pocket Money

Be upstanding there's a Half Crown in the house.
I have found one at last  and  I'm  a happy chappy.
1941 and  in quite good nick from the same area as last weekend's silver shilling and sixpence.
Back in the Fifties my Gran used to give me one a week as pocket money for odd jobs.

Started today's hunt at about 3pm in the spot that gave me the pistol recently. Dug lots of targets which were mostly useless bits of  iron etc. and in one place metallic stones as in the pic below. The snake is a bit unusual and not sure of it's purpose although I think way back there were kids belts that buckled with two of them.

Hunted till 6pm. In the dark again for the last hour and that was when I got most of the goldies.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Late take today

A late start today - 4pm at  the sports park. Hunted till 6 pm in the dark.
The wind blew like crazy and there were showers every 10 minutes or so but this mad detectorist was happy as Larry in his fluro yellow parka and LED lamp headset. I put a plastic bag over the console of ET as each shower passed.

Nothing too special to report except did exclaim out loud a couple of times when the silver popped up. Haven't seen silver for quite a while. Wasted a lot of time on the golf shoe cleats.
The bullets have been in the ground for a few years I suspect. I think they are .303 shells and I would like to find out more about them especially age. There is some head stamp lettering on one but very hard to read.
Could be "C something V L" around the bottom. There are letters and or numbers around the top to.

Here is a couple of pics.

Although both cases are very similar and I believe the same calibre note that the top one has a dome shaped centre and the other a flat centre if that means anything.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pistol ID update

The pistol I found today is indeed a starting pistol made by Rohm of Germany.
The model is an RG2 and fires .22 blanks.
I dont have an age of the gun except that Rohm started making starting pistols and flare guns in the early 1950's.  This one was found at about 15cm deep.

A good one -
My not so good one -
The other side has a large cut across it which I assume is from a mower blade.

Relic Man

I only got a couple of hours hunt this afternoon back at the sports park. There were many schoolboy rugby games in progress and of course lots of supporters. So I decided to work around the outskirts of the fields which worked quite well as I got to hunt a bit and watch a bit. This meant I was often walking while swinging coil and not looking where I was going but fortunately there were no crashes.

With ET set on relics there were quite a lot of iron signals which I usually ignore. After a while I decided bugger it lets dig a few. I am glad I did as this is what I found.
Made quite a change.

The pistol is real. Possibly a starting pistol. I will have to do some research.