Thursday, June 30, 2011

After work hunt tonight

Tonight I had a really enjoyable hunt at a sports park on the way home from work. Only for about an hour as it got dark quite quickly and I had foolishly left my head lamp back in the wagon. This park is the one I got permission for last week and the plan is to make the " after work hunt " a regular event as it is on the way home.
I managed another $6 in goldies, some clad, a 1921 penny and a shiny thing as in the image below. Its plated, probably not silver, or of any value nor do I have any idea of who / what it represents. Anyone got any idea's.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

One of those weekends

This weekend my boy has celebrated his 15th birthday which has been really great.
He's as tall as me now and much more solid and still growing.
He and his mates went to Lazerstrike, then fast food, then computer games till late.
All good.

From a Mding perspective though it has been a real stinker of a weekend.
Up until 5pm tonight I had found 2 x $1.00 coins from yesterdays efforts at a beach and a park!

Last week I gained 2 new permissions. One an industrial sub-division and the other a veeery large sports fields and green space. Both came with conditions not to hunt certain area's which of course were the best spots. Murphy's law at work.

Didn't get out till about 1.30 today. The sub-division turned out to be a time waster as the original soil has been stripped so will cross this one off the list.

Made it back to the sports fields at 5pm. In fading light and cold biting wind I was very pleased to dig despite the onset of mild hypothermia,  $17  in Goldies by 5.30pm  to save the weekend.

Tip: For mild hypothermia take a brandy and lemonade. If not cured take another.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My oldest coin - update

Well I thought my oldest coin was an 1845 English penny.
That was until I had another look at it one wet day recently and found it is not a penny at all, English or otherwise.
It is in fact an 1845 East India Company One Cent coin.

Here is some historical background with images below -

In 1826 the settlements at Penang, Malacca which had been secured from the Dutch and Singapore were amalgamated as the Straits Settlements and administered from Penang. The currency used was the Indian Rupee, however the currency of the local trade was the Spanish Dollar. This difference in currencies caused great confusion in the East India Company accounts. Attempts to use Indian coinage did not succeed and eventually it was decided to produce fractional coins of the Spanish dollar. In 1847 copper coins of a quarter cent, half cent and one cent all dated 1845 were supplied and used till the East India Company powers were abolished and transferred to the British India Government. The quarter cent is copper of 18mm and weighs 2.33 gms. A William Wyon portrait of Queen Victoria is on the obverse. The reverse shows a myrtle wreath with 1/4 cent within and East India Company against the plain edged rim. In all 34,327,247 coins were struck.
The half cent is copper of 22.5mm and weighs 4.66 gms. Queen Victoria is on the obverse. The reverse shows a myrtle wreath with half cent within and East India Company against the plain edged rim. In all 18,737,498 coins were struck. The cent is copper of 29mm and weighs 9.33 gms. Queen Victoria is on the obverse. The reverse shows a myrtle wreath with one cent within and East India Company against the plain edged rim. In all 18,525,893 coins were struck. Proofs of all three coins were produced with the ititials WW for William Wyon in the truncation of the Queen's neck. 

It should look like this -

But in fact looks like this -

The date is clear when viewed with a glass

Considering it could have been in the sand and stones of the Waitemata harbour from 1847 till 2010 it probably deserves to be just a little worn.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Essential accessories maybe

These came free with the E Trac. A nice surprise when I opened the box.
A 2 way Motorola radio set and a Garmin GPS receiver.
Haven't used them yet as so far I don't seem to get lost that often while detecting.
All adds to the fun but.
Thanks NED.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Got out for a quickie

The rain stopped and so I got out the door at about 3pm today and went to a park where I had had some success in the past. We have had more than 50mm of rain in the last 12 hours and most of the ground was quite muddy so I concentrated on a bank on the edge of the Soccer field and then around some large tree's for a while too.

Hunted for nearly 2 hours and this is what I found.

$10.40 spendable, 2 pennies 1920 and 1947, Euro 50c Nederland and some clad.
The ring thing is nothing special - could be a kids toy.

Had fun. Might go back in the morning.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From the what is it file - Copper Ball

Most times when you unearth something you probably have a good idea of what it is or what it is part of.

The ball in the image below appears to be solid copper but I have no idea what it is other than just a copper ball.
I have wondered if it is a Foundry ingot for melting to make copper things. It is about 19mm diameter and weighs about 25grams.  So has anyone come across these before?

There are no holes or mold marks on it at all, unlike the similar sized lead sinker here which weighs 40 grams.

Monday, June 6, 2011

3 and a half day weekend

I decided to give myself half a day off on Friday and after running a couple of errands went back to a recently hunted park for a couple of hours. Got another 5 bucks spendable and clad from it which is not a memorable amount but more fun than working eh.

On Saturday was way too wet n windy for outdoor activities.

Sunday morning I was on the road early and by 6.45am had arrived at a new small Reserve that I had seen on Google. Spent some time on 2 of the boundaries and half the field area. I plan to search the rest another time.
Surprisingly only found $3.50 in spendable. It occurred to me that a certain other E Trac owner may have hunted here before me :-)   - or maybe it was just my day for finding the old style 20c instead. A total of 10 no less.
These two also popped up. The badge says Warwick Castle on the ribbon and the plane although missing wings does have a Air NZ motif on the tail.

I was pleased to find for adding to my foreign collection a 1965 Canadian 5 cent piece and also a 2006 Euro Espana 10 cent coin. Google tells me there were 383,850,000 of these 10c's minted in 2006 which seems to have been just enough to allow one to turn up in a public reserve here in Auckland.

Sunday and Monday afternoons  were enjoyably spent at a school I had recently been given permission to search. Located $23.60 in spendable and the usual clad along with two what were once probably quite good quality bling rings. The clad included - wait for it ............ yep another 7 old style 20c's.

Thanks for looking.