Sunday, May 29, 2011

Park hunt - E Trac on All Metal

A little late getting to the park today due to alarm clock issues. Arrived about 8 am.
After running on Minelab Coins for a while I decided to live dangerously and changed the ET to All Metals setting. I must be getting used to this machine as I was not at all concerned about the almost continuous chirping as I moved through the trash under the park. (Next time I think I will pull back the sensitivity a bit though.)

Spent several hours sampling sections of this park as it was the first visit. The Tot Lots were a waste of time - someone else must be calling I think. The grassed area's were good fun yielding a total of $27 in Goldie's. Had a couple of kids, about 5 year olds, appear from nowhere and tag along for a while. Managed to find them a 10c each. They went off happy as Larry. No silver coins yet.

On one hole I thought the coins were never going to stop popping up from this pocket spill. A total of $3.90 with only the 2 gold $1 coins being spendable cash.

Got a teeny bit excited when this came out of the mud as it is the same size as a pocket watch.  As you can see since cleaning it is just a plated cosmetics container or similar. The letters IHS on the cover are unknown.

And these were the more unusual items.
A St Paul's College 50th Jubilee medallion, a 1936 New Zealand Half Penny and a 1964 Netherlands 25 Cent coin.

Had a great day.
As always thanks for looking.


Brett said...

yes.. the etrac can be way to powerful for most of our hunting, I run at about 6 on the sensitivity for most hunting.. unless its a very clean area where I'm after deep hits. I put the manual sensitivity right down on 1 sometimes, for checking next to metal poles and the like.. then forget and continue hunting... still picking up things quite easily.

Metal Kiwi said...

Hi Brett,
From your comments above I am running way too much power. Thanks for that I will try that out next time.
Do you find that 12-38 is a $2 coin and 12-39 is not? Also 12-15 is nearly always a tear tab?

Brett said...

12.38 normally, but not always, I'm not sure of the ground or if a coin is on edge or perhaps has been through the mower but sometimes it may be a 39... though I hunt mainly by sound and have to say I dont look at the id that often.