Sunday, May 29, 2011

Park hunt - E Trac on All Metal

A little late getting to the park today due to alarm clock issues. Arrived about 8 am.
After running on Minelab Coins for a while I decided to live dangerously and changed the ET to All Metals setting. I must be getting used to this machine as I was not at all concerned about the almost continuous chirping as I moved through the trash under the park. (Next time I think I will pull back the sensitivity a bit though.)

Spent several hours sampling sections of this park as it was the first visit. The Tot Lots were a waste of time - someone else must be calling I think. The grassed area's were good fun yielding a total of $27 in Goldie's. Had a couple of kids, about 5 year olds, appear from nowhere and tag along for a while. Managed to find them a 10c each. They went off happy as Larry. No silver coins yet.

On one hole I thought the coins were never going to stop popping up from this pocket spill. A total of $3.90 with only the 2 gold $1 coins being spendable cash.

Got a teeny bit excited when this came out of the mud as it is the same size as a pocket watch.  As you can see since cleaning it is just a plated cosmetics container or similar. The letters IHS on the cover are unknown.

And these were the more unusual items.
A St Paul's College 50th Jubilee medallion, a 1936 New Zealand Half Penny and a 1964 Netherlands 25 Cent coin.

Had a great day.
As always thanks for looking.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Big Ring

The ring in the image is quite ordinary, appears to be stainless steel and on close inspection I suspect it could even be a DIY creation. Judging by the many marks on the outside the owner probably worked with his hands. He must have been quite a big lad as the internal diameter is 23mm or just over 7/8ths of an inch for our American visitors.
This is the largest ring I have ever found and I wondered if others have any of a similar size or maybe even larger in their collections.

A bit of Horse History

This popped up in a recent park hunt which I thought was a little unusual.
At first I got quite excited as I thought it was solid brass but after soaking in the potion for an hour or so it seems to be plated (maybe Nickel) over cast iron. The area was in farm and market gardens some years back which may explain the deposit.  No indication of the name of the horse or what part of the Tack it comes from but maybe someone will comment.

Better luck in another Suburb

I haven't posted for a while as I seem to have been in a big bald spot as far as finds are concerned.
This is partly due to retracing Ace 250 steps with the E Trac to check for more finds and either the Ace did a pretty good job or I still have a lot to learn with the ET. Probably a bit of both but mainly the latter I suspect.

Anyway this weekend I decided to try another suburb hoping for increased affluence by depositors.
The hunch paid off and I managed $23 in spendable golds along with some clad and variety items as you can see. The stainless ring was from another park that is a regular haunt and more on that to follow.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Park n Beach hunt.

I am quite pleased with today's hunt.
I went to a new park and re visited a beach on my circuit.
It was really blowing a Gale today. Fortunately the spots I chose turned out to be relatively sheltered and as the rain held off too the fun factor of detecting was still high .

The new park includes a Tot Lot where the grass area beside the lot gave up about $15. Mostly gold coins too so there will need to be future visits to that spot.
By the time I got to the beach the tide was right out. I hunted a 20m stretch from low water up to the dry sand.  Picked up another $17 in gold coins plus 2 silver rings and some clad.
Total spendable coins for the day $32.70.

The E Trac is definitely finding more coins in the 5" to 10" deep range than I was finding with my Ace 250. The ratio of $1 and $2 coins to clad seems to be rising too so I'm happy about that.

Here's a pic of the total haul.

and the catch of the day.

Thanks for looking.