Saturday, April 9, 2011

The first 3 months Detecting Fun

Well I have now been metal detecting for 3 months and its probably fair to say I'm just a little bit addicted to this crazy hobby.
In that time I have found about $160 current decimal coins, more than 260 discontinued decimal coins and many pre decimal coins.  I have also been lucky enough to find foreign coins and jewelery etc.
Here are some pics of  the more interesting items found on local beaches and parks.

Foreign and NZ 50% Silver Coins:

Top row: 1845 NZ penny (very worn), NZ 50% Silver - 2 x shillings, 1 sixpence, 1 threepence.
Middle row: Chinese coin (fake), Russian Rubles x 3 coins and 1 US Dime.
Bottom row: Cook Islands $5, Australian Penny, United Arab Emirates something and a British Pound.

Above hand: Sterling Silver bar, Multi faceted tear drop pendant stone and a mock silver pendant.
The silver bar has a pin in the centre where perhaps a stone was mounted.
Thumb: two mood rings
Finger 1: 2 x bling rings low value - the best of many found
Finger 2:  2 x .925 Silver bands
Finger 3:  1 x .925 Irish Silver ring and 1 x .925 Silver Ladies Signet ring
Finger 4: 1 stainless steel band

Badges and stuff:

Here is a badge from a soldier, a badge from a boys brigade, a badge from a dog named Elsa and a badge from a car named Subaru. The Casio watch was still going when unearthed and the teaspoon I think is plated copper of quite an old style.

These are my finds and thanks for looking.

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Anonymous said...

Cool scores! I'm jealous as I have been wanting to dig up a watch for a long time. I reckon half the fun of detecting is that you never know what will be under your coil next....

Thanks for showing them!