Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Holiday hunt

Well the 4 day holiday weekend is coming to a close. I went in to this weekend full of anticipation of what finds might be revealed with my new E trac but alas in reality the overall result did not live up to expectations.
I think maybe I am expecting too much too soon from this cool machine.

Had lots of fun of course, revisiting some old hunting places and trying out some new. Managed about $20 in one and two dollar gold coins, a couple of 50% silver coins some clad and a cheap copper pendant.  A lot of the gold coins came from a park where I had previously found about  $20 with the Ace 250 so that's a plus.

Also enjoyed two sunrises with joggers,walkers, lots of dogs and everything else that happens on a city beach in the early morning. This included two other detectors who said they weren't getting much either. (yeah right).

I think I am making progress with ET though. Just got to get the multitude of information it is giving me in to a format that is decipherable. Made my first custom pattern and when the rain stops I will try it out.
Oh darn now I am back where I started - anticipation.

Maraetai Beach - 6.45am Good Friday

Rangitoto - 6.50am Saturday

Sunday, April 17, 2011

First E Trac Hunt today

I recently decided to upgrade to an E Trac. It arrived on Thursday night and since then I have been trying to read parts of the manual and do some air tests on various targets. So this Sunday morning I went back to a park that still has potential thinking that I should be able to handle this shiny new detector. Well I was wrong. This beast is really quite a handful with all the information it is firing at you and the many adjustments you can make to how it presents it to you.  However before too long I found my first $2 coin and that broke the ice as it were.

After a while I went to the beach for a change of pace and found a couple of coins and a brass chain. The next stop was my first visit to an old hospital site I have managed to get permission to hunt. Within about 40 seconds the silver (?) bangle was out of the ground and then a few more coins over the next hour or so. I will be going back to this site when I have ET more under control as there was quite a lot of trash.

The total for the day was $13 plus some clad, a couple of pennies, the chain and the bangle and the round grey ball thingee. There was some non ferrous scrap metal too but that's already in my detecting finds recycle bin.

A frustrating day for sure but I can already see the benefits of this new toy and accept the challenge of mastering it's slightly eccentric behavior over time. Guess I'm going to be digging deeper holes from now on though. Well if there's a $2 coin or maybe a silver shilling at the bottom then that ain't bad. HH.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

1000 visitors clicked over today

There have now been 1000 visitors to this blog since November 10, 2010.
I am not sure if blogwise that's good numbers or not but I think I will have a glass of something alcoholic to celebrate.

The 1000th visitor was either from America or Malaysia.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The first 3 months Detecting Fun

Well I have now been metal detecting for 3 months and its probably fair to say I'm just a little bit addicted to this crazy hobby.
In that time I have found about $160 current decimal coins, more than 260 discontinued decimal coins and many pre decimal coins.  I have also been lucky enough to find foreign coins and jewelery etc.
Here are some pics of  the more interesting items found on local beaches and parks.

Foreign and NZ 50% Silver Coins:

Top row: 1845 NZ penny (very worn), NZ 50% Silver - 2 x shillings, 1 sixpence, 1 threepence.
Middle row: Chinese coin (fake), Russian Rubles x 3 coins and 1 US Dime.
Bottom row: Cook Islands $5, Australian Penny, United Arab Emirates something and a British Pound.

Above hand: Sterling Silver bar, Multi faceted tear drop pendant stone and a mock silver pendant.
The silver bar has a pin in the centre where perhaps a stone was mounted.
Thumb: two mood rings
Finger 1: 2 x bling rings low value - the best of many found
Finger 2:  2 x .925 Silver bands
Finger 3:  1 x .925 Irish Silver ring and 1 x .925 Silver Ladies Signet ring
Finger 4: 1 stainless steel band

Badges and stuff:

Here is a badge from a soldier, a badge from a boys brigade, a badge from a dog named Elsa and a badge from a car named Subaru. The Casio watch was still going when unearthed and the teaspoon I think is plated copper of quite an old style.

These are my finds and thanks for looking.