Saturday, March 19, 2011

... and one solitary Dime

Today I went back to a city beach I have been to several times before. It was a lovely clear early morning made so cool by a cargo ship steaming out of the port with the sunrise aglow behind it.

The tide was nearly full on a King tide so I went into the adjacent park to try my luck as I waited for the tide to retreat and as it happens it turned out to be my best $ value coin total for some time. $31.90 in current decimal coins plus 95c in the old decimal plus one solitary US Dime.
Curiously the beach only contributed about 3 coins towards the total today. I had hoped the extra high tide would have stirred up the sand but it was too calm to get much wave action.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mercedes vs Ford - no winners.

Early last Sunday morning I had been beach hunting in the city. I found a nice stainless steel ring and a few coins and then at about 8.20 am decided to shift to a park I had been checking out.

So there I am driving along the waterfront enjoying the early hour when approaching a corner I suddenly became aware of a car approaching over the centre line. Bloody hell he's going to hit me - big swerve - but too late. Massive bang when the Mercedes hit my exterior mirror, skimmed down the side of my Ford and tore out the rear axle assembly causing the drive shaft to come off at the gearbox. Fortunately I am OK and get out of the car to find petrol spewing all over the road from my full tank. Moving quite briskly away I phone the Fire on 111. The other driver seems OK. Mercedes looks a bit sick around the front right.

So Fire engine and Police are there pretty quickly. The road is closed for about 45 minutes much to the dismay of the organisers of a half marathon just getting underway in the adjacent park. Runners everywhere.
The cops do their thing with the traffic and the driver of the Mercedes is breath tested and then taken away. One little boy wants to know if there's any blood. Thankfully no.
Metal detecting can be quite dangerous to your health if you shift sites at the wrong time.
Anyway here's a few pics of the results.

The Fords a bit twisted now. Insurance have written it off. Cheques in the mail.
65 litres of petrol goes a long way.

Nice tow rig GHL.