Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My new Garrett Ace 250

I have wanted to have a go at metal detecting for many years.
In November 2010 I decided now was time and bought myself a
new Garrett Ace 250.

I found my first goldie coin in our backyard vege garden within 30 minutes of
assembling the unit and firing it up. Not bad for a newbie eh!
Whether someone had previously had a go at planting a money tree
I don't know but I got a buzz finding that $2 coin so quickly.  Fairly soon after that
I found two older coins and an 8 " double edge blade knife in the bush reserve
across the road from our home, as you can see in the image below.

More adventures to follow soon.


Anonymous said...

Where did you bought your ace 250?

Metal Kiwi said...

Detection Solutions
09 576 8000.
Where are you in NZ?

touchstorm said...

Im at Flat Bush, bought an ace 250, are u still using the ace 250?

Metal Kiwi said...

Hi Touchstorm,
I mainly use my E Trac these days but always have the 250 with me as a backup. Are u having fun with your 250? Finding much?

touchstorm said...

Hi Chris
$15.50 moderm coin mainly $1 & $2, still try to figure how these machine works, just like woman. haha

Metal Kiwi said...

Sounds like you are doing OK.
It takes a while to get the hang of it. Best advice I can give you is get your "swing" really good. Low and slow and flat is important for good results. Saw a guy on Mission Bay once walking fast and swinging like a Banana. He had a good machine but wasn't getting much. Dig all repeatable sounds is also a good idea. You will get rubbish but you will get goodies too.