Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beach Hunt in Time.

Today was another local beach hunt. In fact two beaches.
The first was a total waste of time as I found nothing - not even one coin.
I was happy with the finds from the second beach but oh so many tear tabs
and foil  near the surface after yesterdays storm.

The top left coin is an1845 NZ Penny. I think it may be the oldest coin so far although it is in really worn condition.
The $2 coin attached to the lump of iron will be removed and then maybe I can workout what the iron is. The gold ring is not valuable however the Casio watch was a real surprise. Buried in a grassy area above the beach about 10cm (4") down and it is still working. Metal detecting does take time.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ace 250 Singing in the Rain

Last Saturday I got up at 5 am to go beach hunting but decided it was too wet and went back to bed.
On the Sunday morning same procedure but this time I decided to go regardless of the rain. Hit the sand at 6am and got a coin almost immediately. 6.05am and the rain is really getting heavy now, getting soaked but must keep going. Found an old style teaspoon, a square bling ring and several coins. After about 90 minutes better go home as really cold n wet now. Later that day decided to catch the low tide at another beach where I had had some success before. Glad I did as 3 more rings and multiple coins turned up. Total current NZ coins about $13 for the day, plus an old NZ 50c, a NZ threepence and an Indian Pice coin with a hole in the centre .
Best day so far.

I have also found that a zip -lock plastic bag makes a great raincoat for the Ace 250 control box. Just make a small cut in one wall to allow the bag to slide down over the box and zip it up on each side of the mast.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Devonport Beach

I am sure this beach must have been searched many times by others so I  was not surprised to get a low volume of finds on my first hunt here. The most interesting find was a British Pound coin dated 1983 which was the year they were first introduced. It was also my first foreign coin. Curious that it was a British coin found on a beach adjoining King Edward Parade in a village named Devonport. Too much.

A great place to be early in the morning.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pt Chevalier Beach Jan 12, 2011

With a real early start I had the whole beach to myself for an hour or two. 
I concentrated on about a third of the area and I was really pleased to retrieve my first real piece of jewellery, a .925 silver ring. 
A large area of the sand is peppered with tiny pieces of lead? from a sail boat that burnt out  last year. Adding  this to all the tear tabs and bottle tops it was a test for my limited detecting experience

Cox's Bay

No detecting here  as access is restricted but quite a nice calm early morning view.

Another city beach, January 9

A few NZ decimal coins, fishing accessories and my first ring find. 
Unfortunately just a bling ring of no value.
Finds are from the sandy sloping part of the beach not the grotty, stinky mud flats.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My new Garrett Ace 250

I have wanted to have a go at metal detecting for many years.
In November 2010 I decided now was time and bought myself a
new Garrett Ace 250.

I found my first goldie coin in our backyard vege garden within 30 minutes of
assembling the unit and firing it up. Not bad for a newbie eh!
Whether someone had previously had a go at planting a money tree
I don't know but I got a buzz finding that $2 coin so quickly.  Fairly soon after that
I found two older coins and an 8 " double edge blade knife in the bush reserve
across the road from our home, as you can see in the image below.

More adventures to follow soon.