Saturday, December 31, 2011

Final 2011 hunt

At 4pm today the clouds parted, the rain stopped and the sun shone through.
I couldn't resist and by 4.05pm I was in the X Trail and on the way to another park not far from home. I went straight to a tree line that I drive past every day on the way to work and I am pleased I did.

Only got one hour before more rain but I did get this button -

It is my first NZ Airforce button and first pre WW2 button as well.
At least I think it is pre WW2. Please comment if you think otherwise.

Here is the remainder of the one hour looting -

Tomorrow if the weather improves it will be my first 2012 beach hunt.
Happy New Year to all.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wind powered detecting

Those of you who read yesterdays blog will know that in that hunt I came up $2 short on my goldies target for the year so today the pressure was on with the weather deteriorating.

I decided to go to the well hunted local park and hope for a pocket spill from a sports function I had noticed there yesterday. Well my hunch was right and I did get a $3 pocket spill. Hunting was quite tricky in the open space due to the zillion kph winds that were rocketing through. Downwind I was getting pushed along like a runaway footpath sign and upwind I had to lean forward to stay upright with the wind pressure on the detector making it really hard to swing. Must have looked like the village idiot to any onlookers. All adds to the fun eh. The main thing is I achieved my target and so now the weather can precipitate as much as it likes between now and year end.

I did manage a few other goodies today as well -

A closer look at the ring and small button. The ring is silver and Paua and the button I think is aluminium.
The ring was at about 10 cm but the wee button was way down at 20cm.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Before the rain arrives

Went hard on the goldies today trying to achieve a target for the year. Couldn't get to count up till I got home and bugger it I missed by $2. There are only 2 days of the year left and it is predicted to rain on both days so I guess a wet hunt is next to get that elusive $2.
Anyway got another silver shilling for the silver pile. Hmm maybe pile is exaggerating - lets say for the little heap of silver.
And 3 more wagons for the fleet.

Oldest penny found today is 189?
Gee I seem to have dug a lot of pennies this month.

HH all.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Must be Summer

It must be Summer now because today I went to a beach to detect.
Felt kinda weird using a mini shovel in the soft sand instead of the Lesche tool to dig holes in the soil and clay.
I was pleased to get $16.20 spendable and a 0.925 silver ring for the first beach hunt since last season.
Roll on Summer - this is the year for Gold. (he says hopefully)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas day walkabout

After a very tasty steak lunch on Christmas day there was a lull in activities so I grabbed the opportunity to go detecting for about an hour and a half at a local park. Feeling the need for some exercise I decided to walk the extremities of the park while not expecting to find much at all as I have been here many times before.  Apart from a couple of young guys hooning up and down on a mini motorbike I had the park almost to myself. Hot sun , gentle breeze and enough finds to keep me interested. My present to me.

This park is used by quite a lot of golfers practicing their swing and I assume the sinkers are from guys practicing their Surf casting. The golf ball was an eyeball and both the sinkers were at about 100mm.
4.30 pm came around way too fast as that was time to go and clean up for our evening Christmas dinner at  a city hotel.
A great day - family , nice food and detecting.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

City park hook up

Last evening I met up in a city park with Drunk Brother (Max) from the Pay Dirt forum for a dual hunt.
The area we started off in turned out to be very lean on targets and as the park was so big we eventually became quite widely separated  in our focused search for treasure. Fortunately we both had our mobiles to communicate.

One item I found did get me going a bit when I saw the crown and the words Sir John something ... through the mud

Turns out from my Google research that he was not a Sir at all. 
Sir John Bennett Ltd was an 'Arts and Crafts' maker of the Victorian and Edwardian era. The company made clocks, watches, silver tableware and china dinnerware and eventually plated cutlery. It seems they would approach leading manufacturers of the time to make product under the Sir John Bennett brand. Just an early example of the House brands we see in the supermarkets today. 

The rest of my finds were some goldies of course, a British one pound and a little junk.

Another enjoyable hunt for fun and fortune. Tee hee.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nurse in the Park

Raining all day today so at about 3pm I just said to hell with it I'm going detecting.
Re visited one of the parks I had hunted recently and had a great time finding lots of stuff.
Here is the total take -

and here are the best bits - 

I looked for the nurse but alas she was not to be found :-) 

Despite the weather this weekend I have got my best ever goldie count with $38 today and about $72 all up. The stuff has to be there to be found of course but I think at long last I am driving the E Trac much better as I seem to be finding coins with all sorts of  FE - CO numbers.


Edit: For those who don't get it and there have been a few. The watch is a Nurses watch.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eyes down and looking now.

The 1930 penny is one of the rarest Australian coins, due to a very small number being minted[1]. It is highly sought after by coin collectors, and a 1930 penny in very fine condition can be worth A$45,000 or more.[2]

Could make your day eh! ;-)


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Park Treeline reveals

Gee I really look forward to my Friday night after work hunts. Turned my ET on at 4.39 pm yesterday and got a real buzz when within 2 paces I had a $2 in the bag. The rest of the hunt was good too finding a total of $26.50 spendable. It all came from a tree line I had spotted a while back that was between a park and a school.  Also got the obligatory knucklebone and a whatzit that I am sure I have seen before but just can't place it. Perhaps one of you will know what it is.

Another bonus was several pieces of copper water pipe chopped neatly into lengths by the mowers that would fit in my belt pouch to bring home for my scrap metal bin.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Australian Theme Dollars

In response to your comment Grant here is a pic of the 2 themed Australian dollars I have so far.

Shiney eh!

Only 15 to go now-

Apparently these are just the circulated ones

1986: International Year of Peace (25,200,000) 
1988: Figure with Koori Kangaroo for 200 years of English colonisation (21,600,000) 
1993: Landcare Australia (18,200,000) 
1996: Sir Henry Parkes (26,200,000) 
1997: Sir Charles Kingsford Smith coin A (24,400,000) 
1999: Year of Older Persons (29,300,000) 
2001: 100 years of Federation (27,900,000) 
2001: International Year of the Volunteer (6,000,000) 
2002: Year of the Outback (35,400,000) 
2003: Centenary of women's suffrage (10,000,000) 
2003: Australia's Volunteers (4,100,000) 
2005: The Dancing Man - 60 years since World War II (34,200,000) 
2007: APEC Australia 2007 (20,100,000) 
2008: Centenary of Scouting (17,200,000)

(Just been told about more) - 

Add to that 
2009: Centenary of Commonwealth Age Pension
2010: Centenary of Girl Guides Australia
2011: CHOGM Perth, Australia


Election weekend

The assets I recovered during this Election weekend are from 2 parks revisited.
Did quite well on the goldies at $36 plus 1 Euro, 1 Australian Centenary of Womens Suffrage $1, 1 Aussie penny and one 1915 English thruppence.  Also the usual clad and a few quite sick pennies and halfpennies.
The bronze object at the back of the image next to the buckle is I think off a wrought iron railing.

 Probably fair to say that the finds are a bit ho hum  this weekend although I am quite pleased with the goldie count. Nevertheless it is just so exhilarating  to be in a park early on these fine spring mornings with the warm sun on your back as you search among the mature trees while dodging the occasional dog pooh.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New park - Good stuff

My hunt this afternoon was in a park that I have had my eye on for a while and today I decided I could handle working in front of the many park visitors. Glad I did cos the result was quite good and I will be going back as soon as I can.

$16 in spendable and a 1934 silver Florin bringing my total pieces of silver to 4 for the weekend.
Here is the looking bit -

Joseph if you need your badge back just give me a call.
HH all.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another .925 watch back

Shot out at 7 this evening for an hour plus.
Back to a park not visited for some time and managed to find a small silver ring and another silver pocket watch back. Well it is not actually the back but an internal cover plate. At 40mm diameter this one is larger than the first one I found back in August.

This watch plate could be from the Ameircan Waltham Watch Co. When I punched in the serial number 5203 this chart came up:

First:5201 Last:5500
Model:1857Name:A T & Co
Material:PGrade:A.T.& Co., NL
Jewelling:4 1/2 PairsJewels:16-18
Balance:Gold Steel BalanceBal:Gold-Exp.

I have no idea what the round black thingee on the left of the pic is. Thought it was the head of a smokers pipe at first but it has a solid metal centre.

Deep silver dammit

Last nights hunt was quite uneventful having after about 3 hours only found two $1 goldies and about  25 one and two cent pieces. Just about to call it quits for the night when a tone caught my attention and I decided to dig. To my surprise at about 35 to 40cm out popped this old style bangle. I think that is the deepest I have ever dug in a park. Dam shame that it is so damaged though as the mark on the inside says 9ct SILLINE which I assume means a silver bangle electroplated with 9ct Gold.

Got me thinking though - what else is at 40cm in this park?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Silvery dime weekend

A NZ 1946 shilling and an English 1917 thruppence were my best finds this weekend. Not a lot but I will gladly take it and the Dime too

Here is the whole take for the weekend. Clad prevails again.
One Aussie Kangaroo penny and 3 NZ halfpennies too. The A and the 1 were not attached to a letterbox.

Brain teaser:         Metal detecting is .......... 

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

English silver up close

A couple of closeup's of the English silver I found this month. Going back soon seeking more.

1915 English Half Crown

1913 and 1922 English sixpence's

October the Silver season

It really has been the season of silver for me this month.
I have found 17 coins, 1 ring and 2 pieces of unknown silver that fortunately were still marked silver.
All but 2 coins came from the same park.
The breakdown is-
English = 1915 Half Crown,  1913 and 1922 sixpence, 1916 and very worn Victorian? thruppences.
NZ = 1946 Half Crown, 1937 Florin, one 1933 and three 1934 Shillings, 1933, 1945 x 2 and 1946 sixpences, 1946 thruppence.

Seemed to dig lots of 1c,2c, penny's and half penny's too.
Perhaps that's how it is - if you want silver dig copper. 
Did OK on the goldies but not quite as good as last month.
Thanks for looking.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Check your half crowns n florins

Evening Post, Volume CVIII, Issue 125, 22 November 1929

Article image

Article image

Article image

Article image

Article image

(With thanks to Papers Past.)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

More Friday Fun

Jumped ship really early today as there was not much happening at work before the holiday weekend.
Went to my local park and hunted from 3.30pm till 8pm. A long hunt. Almost gave it away at around 6pm when the detector battery ran dry but as I had not found anything other than clad I was determined to carry on and get a result.

I am sooo glad I chose to keep on trying as this is what I found a short while later about 2 metres from where I found the Florin on the previous visit.

I must admit that I sat there gob smacked for a while when it popped up. I did not recognize it and had no water available to wash off the dirt to see what it was. It is of course an English 1915 Half Crown.
Whoopdedoo repeating.

Here is the rest of the hunt minus the rubbish

As you can see there are 13 pre decimal pennies, half pennies and quite a lot of clad. The oldest penny is 1913 and half penny 1919.

The item below the half crown is I think the centre of a military button. There is a crown at the top, then ER with some latin around it and at the bottom it says Royal Engineers. I need to research it to try and ID it unless any one can do so already. Below the button is a wee badge from Illinos. 

That was my hunt today. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Silver and Rain

The Met service rain radar showed two rain banks coming in with a gap between after work tonight. I decided to hunt in that gap but the second cloud came in thick n fast and guess who got wet. But I did not care about that because while hunting in the rain I found my first silver Florin  (1937).  Been hoping for one of these for ages now.

Found quite deep at around 20cm / 8" with the E Trac on high sens.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friday follow up

I have managed to ID the wafer thin English 3 pence I found in the park on Friday as I can see enough markings under the loupe. I just wish it was in better condition and looked like this example I found on the net -

Victoria Jubilee Thruppence 1890

Got another hour in the same area tonight in the dark and the rain (idiot) and found a couple more goodies between the clad. One $1 goldie, one silver1916 thruppence, a 1938 penny and a bling charm which looked like silver in the dim light. 


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Fun with Silver

Went back to the same park as Friday night and hunted from 5.30 till 8.45.
Used the same settings on the E Trac to  try and see if Friday's silver finds were a fluke or not.
The first couple of hours were quite frustrating as all I was finding were 1 and 2 cent coins. I decided to stick with the settings for a bit longer and I am glad I did as a short while later the silver ring popped up and a couple of goldies soon followed. The find of the night was the silver Half Crown, Shilling and a Sixpence all in the same hole with a Penny. Whoopdedoo in the dark. Guess my new settings for the E Trac are OK after all.

When the sliver ring came out of the ground I thought I had broken the other small ring as it fell apart in my hands. After washing it I found it was actually a hinged silver ring with a push together clasp. I assume it was used to attach to a necklace or chain. So the tally is 9 pieces of Silver in 2 days. Happy chappie now.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fun with Silver

It has been a busy week so I decided to close up at 4pm today and go detecting, arriving at the park at about 4.05 keen as.

This time I set up the E Trac a bit  differently to my usual as I would again be on ground that I have been over lots before.  I decided to set the sensitivity much higher at 20 on the manual setting and the main screen on Relics. Then I reset Quick Mask so that all that screen was black except roughly the top right quarter. 

Well I will be using these settings again as they were really fun. Relics was showing me everything that was there and then Quick Mask helped make quicker decisions on whether to dig or not. The trade off with the sens that high was that I dug heaps of 1 and 2 cent coins - 26 altogether - but thankfully only about 4 tear tabs due to Quick Mask. Perhaps I am finally getting to grips with this machine as I have tried similar settings before but not so successfully.

I hunted till 8pm when the detector battery died and I am really pleased with the result.
4 pieces of Silver, $6 goldies, 2 NZ Forces buttons, an Aussie $2 (which means they will come second in Sundays game), a 1896 English penny and a 1915 English half penny.

Here is a closer look at the silver. 
Two English Sixpences and an English 3p. The 3p is wafer thin but I can just see the big 3 on one side and Victoria's head with crown looking left on the other. No date visible - any idea's anyone?
The other piece of silver appears to be the base of something small, perhaps a figurine as the break away mark on it is shoe shaped.

I really enjoyed this hunt. Brain want's to get out there again. Body says wait a while.
Thanks for looking.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A new ground weekend

This weekend has seen 2 meager results at 2 new parks visited and one pleasing result at another.
I really need new area's to hunt so I have been trying a few spots to see if I can find some that have not been pounded by others. Quite hard in Auckland as there are many detectorists out there. At 3pm today I had a silver shilling, a silver 3 pence and not much else. Fortunately the last park late this afternoon looks quite promising and today gave up 16 bucks in spendables.

So the tally for the weekend is $26 goldies, 1 silver shilling, 1 silver 3 pence, a couple of dog tags belonging to Tedd and Wallace, a grasshopper broach, a medal ribbon whatzit, the usual clad and a marble.

The round steel label, top left, is from B.I.C Ltd, Prescot, England who manufactured electric cable until about 1975. This label is dated 1927. The item was 200 amp cable and weighed 136 lbs  .

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lots of input for 3 silver.

This weekend I decided to take a road trip to Northwestern territory to try my luck.
I must congratulate whoever has recently cleaned out or perhaps regularly maintains the domain at Riverhead as it is clean as a whistle. No goldies at all - I came away with 8c - oh yeah. To be fair there was a game of rugby on and so there were a couple of area's I would have liked to have searched had there been no spectators. Still I enjoyed watching the rugby and I had not been to Riverhead for years so it was an enjoyable outing.

From other regular haunts I was pleased to get 3 more silvers and $19.70 spendable along with a new oldest English penny at 1891. Found 5 x 5c in one hole and all the little buckles in another. The wee ring was found at dusk and got me going a bit as it looked like my first gold in the dim light but no it's just another piece of plated junk. Didn't find any knucklebones this weekend. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.
Looking forward to next weekend already.
HH all.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Finds Data

The graph below shows a basic breakdown of 500 coins found by metal detecting in parks and beaches around Auckland city. These coins are all from the first series of NZ decimal coins introduced in July 1967 and then either terminated or replaced by July 2006.  The 1c and 2c were the first to go in 1989. 

The orange Unknown entry on the chart reflects the poor quality of the metal used to make the smaller coins as the dates were totally obliterated on many, however the number known to have been minted would suggest an even spread of finds over the 70's and 80's on the 1c and 2c.

I did this laborious exercise to see if any trends or conclusions would appear  in relation to loss patterns or maybe re depositing expectations but no such luck.

The chart data probably only confirms what we already knew in that size does matter and the small coins get lost the most. The size / loss gradient is almost perfect except for the 20c which we lost in big numbers during the 1980's. In fact the 80's must have been a affluent decade as the numbers are bigger on most coins. 

If you can extract any other information then your comments are welcome.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saved by the Dolphin

Not a lot to report this weekend. Only managed a couple of hours this Sunday afternoon and due to time restraints that was back at the park I have been over sooooo many times now. For some reason the curse of the clad was upon me as I kept getting  B#*%!<?  1 and 2 cent pieces, 20 in all plus 5 pennies and an Australian 1936 halfpenny. Still I have a nice new Red car, a little brass leg off something and half a Prefects badge. At least I think it is a cut off P on the badge as if it was an F on it then Frefects doesn't work somehow.

The $5 Goldies kept me sane between all the clad and the day was saved by the tiny silver Dolphins tail charm stamped .925.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fathers Day 2011 - Late entry hunt.

At around 3pm today I still had the hunting thirst despite being out all morning. To try and quench my thirst I went to a local Soccer park where I had seen many depositors on Saturday morning but alas a 60 minute hunt there only yielded another $3 in Goldie's  so then it was on to the large sports park I regularly visit.  Within about 10 minutes I had found a 1917 English silver shilling. Whoopdedoo. A short while later a 1933 NZ silver shilling and just as I decided to pack it in for the day I found a silver bracelet. There was of course quite a lot of trash dug too and also about 15 clad coins and another sinker.

Here are the goodies.

This last hunt brought the total for the weekend to 3 silver shillings, $38 Goldie's , 3 sinkers and a knucklebone.
All good fun.

Fathers Day hunts 2011

Today is Sunday and as of last Friday night I had not been hunting for 13 days. So I was pretty keen when on Friday evening I got to the sports park after work for another light then dark hunt.  Only a short hunt but the patch I have been hitting again and again gave me $9 in Goldie's and a fishing sinker so I went home happy.

Today's hunt was back to a park in Onehunga to finish off an area I couldn't get to at the last visit and then off to a couple of waterfront spots seeking pocket spills where people picnic. As you can see in the pic I had a really good morning with one silver shilling, $26 Goldie's and some clad and another sinker.

While in the field I received a telecommunication from home regarding my arrival and as I was just finishing anyway I cruised home quickly to find my daughter had prepared home made waffles with fresh fruit for Fathers Day lunch. A very welcome surprise to end a good mornings hunt.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Swastika badge

A couple of closeup's of the Swastika badge found last weekend.
Although it has Gilt stamped on the back I cant tell if it is a genuine military badge of just a piece of jewellery.
Perhaps others may know.

It is a bit knackered eh. There is a small area of Gilt still visible on the reverse.

I thought it was a bit of an unusual item to find at a Croquet court whether real or imitation.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lead soldiers and other stuff

Today I visited a small inner city beach and nearby park for the first time.
Decided not to chase goldies (yeah right) and look for foreign coins instead.  So after setting up the E Trac on to foreign coins hunting commenced at 8.05 on the beach. Should have been 6.05 to catch the low tide but sleep prevailed.

There must have been an Englishman, a Canadian, a Fijian and a Kiwi all having a bet on the beach cos they all left their coins behind in the same spot. Actually the Canadian might have cheated as he left 2 coins.

The Allen key set cant have been on the beach too long as it is in reasonable condition and a CRC soak or similar would I expect do the trick. Free to a good home anybody.

The Swastica, lead soldier, token and tin label all came from the park. The Swastica has Gilt stamped on the back and a little gold is still visible. I assume that it would have been quite an expensive badge in it's time.
The tin label says Sterling 25g. Would that have been a Cigar pack perhaps?? The token is still soaking.

The foreign coins were an English 10 pence, a Fiji 10 cents and 2 Canadian 25 cents with one being a 2010 Winter Olympics version. Perhaps we should have done that for the RWC !


Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Half n Half

Left work at 4 and tried to rush home to go detecting but the traffic had other plans and so I did not get on site till about 5pm.  Hunted for about 2 hours. One in daylight and one in the dark.
Tonight I tried setting the E Trac as suggested for high trash hunting by Andy Sabisch in his Minelab book that came with the machine.  Seemed to work quite well as it found all the stuff in the image below from an area I had hunted at least 10 times before. He recommends " Pitch hold" for the tones response and that takes quite a bit of getting used to over the regular tone I usually use. Does give a different style of separation so might persevere for a couple more outings.

The wee ring got me going a bit but its just bling. Dug 16 coins altogether and quite a lot of iron trash and some can slaw too. Most stuff around 12cm deep except for the badge at around 5cm. The badge is a bit out of place as I don't think there has ever been pistol shooting in this park.

 The cold night air was so exhilarating at first but after a while the hypothermia sign started flashing and I eventually had to speak firmly to myself and go home.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mysterious Silver update 1

Well I now know the disc I found is from a pocket watch similar to the one above.
The 2 holes would appear to be for adjusting the mechanism.  The Longines1878 manufactured date also seems to be correct. If I find the rest of it I will be sure to post but don't hold your breath OK.